2013 Employee Recognition Preference Report

Recognition Preference Survey

TheĀ 2013 Employee Recognition Preference Research Report

The Employee Recognition Preference Survey was designed to learn what comprises a meaningful recognition experience for today’s workforce, as well as discover what motivates and retains them. This report analyzes the results of that survey.

The 2013 Employee Recognition Preference Report answers key questions about what makes recognition meaningful:

  • Who provides the most effective recognition?
  • How much does great recognition cost?
  • Is a formal presentation better than one to one?
  • Has anything changed in terms of recognition that is meaningful?
  • Which is more meaningful tangible or intangible rewards?
  • Is it effective to give recognition virtually?

There were over 1200 respondents to the survey . We captured demographic information on industry, age, years in the workforce, and role. Analysis of demographics revealed some interesting differences, particularly with age.

This report includes 18 pages of analysis as well as complete statistics. $19.95

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