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Employee recognition expert Cindy Ventrice is a management consultant and workshop leader with over 20 years of experience. She is the author of the best-selling book Make Their Day! Employee Recognition That Works , as well as Recognition Strategies That Work, The Secret to Recognition Programs That Work, and 101 Tips for Team Leaders .

Upon graduation from college in 1983, Cindy became employed in the fledgling personal computer field as a special projects manager. After only six months, her employer went bankrupt and laid off its entire workforce. The contacts she made during this brief employment allowed her to leverage her knowledge of computer systems and establish herself as an independent consultant. In that capacity, she helped hundreds of organizations computerize their accounting and operational systems, acting as adviser, project manager, technical resource, and trainer.

Her strong understanding of technology provided Cindy with an opportunity to work on many diverse projects that helped her develop a comprehensive understanding of business operations. Over time, she worked in a wide range of industries including: technology, nonprofit, government, health care, manufacturing, service, education, and tourism.

With each project, Cindy observed and learned, firsthand, about employee loyalty and motivation. She began to see a correlation between project success and the way employees are treated, and eventually she moved away from technology-based solutions to address organizational needs and towards solutions that addressed engagement issues.

Today, Cindy’s consulting and coaching practice focuses on helping organizations improve operations, products, and services by improving workplace relationships and employee morale through effective employee recognition programs and leadership training. She works with organizations in both the public and private sectors, teaching managers and supervisors in over 20 countries, how they can improve loyalty and productivity with employee recognition, and offering workshops for administrators on how to develop great employee recognition programs. A frequent keynote speaker, she addresses audiences on issues ranging from motivating volunteers to retaining the best employees and keeping them happy and productive.

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