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Make Their Day! Employee Recognition that Works, 2nd edition

Best-selling book translated into three languages

With all the recognition books out there – Make Their Day is still by far, the BEST!!!  -Cheryl Miller, Technology Information Group, Wells Fargo Bank

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Make Their Day! makes the manager’s job easier by showing how effective employee recognition creates a more motivated workforce. It looks beyond the surface to show what employees really want, and offers low-cost strategies for offering employee recognition that really works.

Full of practical examples! This second edition includes new examples from successful companies including: Best Buy, Cisco, Google, Wells Fargo, Home Hardware, Ministry of British Columbia, and the BC Lottery.See the list of featured companies.

Billions of dollars are wasted on employee recognition programs that do not work. Make Their Day! describes what employers and employees each expect from employee recognition, why most efforts miss the mark, and what readers can do to give morale and productivity a genuine, lasting boost.

The philosophy of  employee recognition presented in Make Their Day shows you that effective recognition has more to do with building recognition into the daily routine of the workplace, and less to do with celebrating recognition as a separate “special event.” Cindy Ventrice outlines the key elements of effective recognition — praise, opportunity, respect, and thanks — and explains why good working relationships are at the core of all effective recognition. To read an excerpt…

Make Their Day! shows how everyone within an organization can contribute to the process of developing employee recognition practices that create the meaningful relationships employees need and want.

Make Their Day! is designed to help anyone interested in improving employee recognition by spending less money to obtain better results.



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