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Time Off as Awards in Peer Recognition Program

  The director of HR for non-profit tells me their organization uses a peer program with pretty significant awards: “If anyone does something extra to help a volunteer, or help another staff member, anyone who notices can give them a “credit.” Collect 10 credits and you get an extra day off during that fiscal year. There is […]

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Why Free Recognition Beats Costly Awards

The Employee Recognition Paradox While people say they want cash awards, studies have shown free recognition is most meaningful. Despite all the billions spent on recognition each year, the evidence seems clear: most meaningful recognition is free recognition. You might be thinking, “Wait a minute, the people in my company have confirmed that they prefer […]

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Ideas for Recognizing Your Manager

Are you looking for ideas for recognizing your manager? Good for you! So much attention is put on employee recognition that we sometimes forget about recognizing managers. We all need reminders (and ideas) for recognizing our managers. I recently heard from a reader whose manager has many different ways of recognizing the people in her […]

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