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What’s In It For Me? Employee Rewards

A manager wrote to tell me  that her company’s point system for recognition doesn’t have the impact that she wanted. The problem, she believed, was that it took too long to earn the prizes. Her solution was to keep a “bucket” of prizes on hand – mostly $10-25 gift cards. She says the immediate ability […]

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Traveling Trophy – An Employee Recognition Idea

Here is a fun idea from a reader of the weekly employee recognition tips: Pamela Gill of Kearns Improvement District in Utah says the district has a garden gnome that acts as a traveling trophy. They held a Name the Gnome contest (or was it Gname the Gnome?). The winner was Gerome the Roaming Gnome. Pamela says […]

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What’s a Sparcet? Employee Recognition and Social Networking

Written recognition makes a greater impact than verbal. Saying the words “thank you” or “great contribution” is valuable. Putting the same sentiments in writing somehow just means more. For years I have been talking about the value of the handwritten note, thoughtful email, or even a encouraging text. And for years, readers have been asking […]

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