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Recognition Preferences of Digital Natives

Are our youngest workers driving a change in recognition preferences? I have been researching the latest trends in employee recognition and comparing my findings to the recognition preferences research study we completed last year. One trend that I have been following for a number of years now, is the move towards more peer-based recognition programs. […]

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Supervising and Recognizing Entry-level Workers

I received an email this morning from Meghann, who successfully supervises entry level/college students. Since I frequently hear what a difficult demographic this is to motivate, I thought I would share what she has to say, word for word: Morning Cindy! My number one piece of “recognition” lately is flexibility. When a hard working staff […]

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What’s a Sparcet? Employee Recognition and Social Networking

Written recognition makes a greater impact than verbal. Saying the words “thank you” or “great contribution” is valuable. Putting the same sentiments in writing somehow just means more. For years I have been talking about the value of the handwritten note, thoughtful email, or even a encouraging text. And for years, readers have been asking […]

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