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A Slightly Different View of Employee Recognition

As an employee recognition consultant I am always looking for new innovative forms of recognition. The example I came across this week isn’t typical of what I usually find. In fact, it doesn’t include any form of praise or appreciation whatsoever. I even doubt that Zappos, the company that is using it, considers it to […]

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Employee Recognition Radio Interview Online

In my interview yesterday with Wayne Hurlbert of BlogTalkRadio we talked about the Make Their Day philosophy of recognition. The hour was packed with information about the benefits of recognition for both managers and organizations, research into employee preferences, how to make recognition fair and individual, and what we need to do to maintain morale in the […]

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Making Webinars Fun!

Budgets being what they are, organizations can’t always afford having me in for an onsite workshop. That is one of the reasons I started offering webinars as an option last year. No travel for me. Very affordable for you. Yet, it isn’t quite the same being face to face with your presenter is it? I […]

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