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Retention Strategy or One-way Ticket to Your Competitor?

Research on Effective Motivators and Retention Drivers Keeping up on all the new information on engagement, motivation, retention, and behavioral economics isn’t easy. There is so much information out there! That’s my excuse for just discovering the McKinsey research on effective workplace motivators that was published June 2009 (and I am a subscriber – oh, […]

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Respect and Motivation

Every once in a while something happens that reinforces an important concept, the concept in this case being that the way others treat us really does affect our behavior, whether consciously or not. A Little Background A few years ago I had an appointment with a service provider. I left for my appointment about 10 […]

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Le Bernadin and Great Workplace Practices

I just finished reading Medium Raw by Anthony Bourdain. When I started this book, I never figured it would end up getting a mention in my blog, but you never know where stories of great workplaces will come from. Towards the end of the book is the story of an employee at the celebrated restaurant, […]

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