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A Case of Pop on a Hot Day

When researching Make Their Day, I asked employees who they most wanted recognition from. One employee said, “My vote is still with the line supervisor or manager who brings in a case of pop at break time on a hot day…that’s a tough act for any organization to beat.” This employee¬†is offering an example of […]

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Tuning In To Employee Preferences

In a survey conducted earlier this year, I looked at what makes recognition meaningful. There are four elements to recognition: Praise, Opportunity, Respect, and Thanks. Since the publication of Make Their Day! Employee Recognition That Works, I have stated that Respect is the element that must always be present and the others can be mixed […]

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How can I engage an underperformer? As a¬†manager is there anything I can do to improve employee loyalty? Why should I offer employee recognition; isn’t getting paid enough? How do you figure out what people want? Can you assure that you aren’t seen as playing favorites? How do I fit one more thing into my […]

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