Coaching for Managers

Coaching for High-Performance Team Leadership

After years of research and working with business people at all levels, author Cindy Ventrice has found that exceptional managers possess a set of unique skills and habits that allow them to get the very best from their team.

Would you like to develop a proven strategy for engaging, retaining, and focusing your team? Regardless of the challenges you face, you can create an environment where employees thrive and meet and exceed objectives. Coaching is the fastest way to develop the skills and habits you need to lead your team successfully.

Cindy Ventrice has provided you with resources from recognition programs to weekly tips for understanding how to develop employee loyalty.

Now she offers personal coaching to help managers:

  • Create a cohesive team
  • Exceed sales goals quarter after quarter
  • Improve interdepartmental cooperation
  • Reduce the time wasted by employees who don’t think for themselves
  • Increase enthusiasm and drive among their team
  • Improve service
  • Correct performance issues
  • Reduce turnover
  • Develop great relationships with their employees

Even with limited time and resources you can make small changes that make a big difference in the productivity of your team. Coaching will help you target your efforts where they will produce the biggest results!

Here are some of what we can cover:

  • Self-assessment and multi-rater assessment
  • Effective feedback techniques
  • Setting employee expectations
  • Improving communication
  • Generational/cultural differences
  • Delegation methods that create engagement
  • How to work with an underperformer
  • Steps for building a strong team

What we cover depends on the objective we set. Each ½ hour session provides you with focused, individual  coaching.

Affordable, just in time, and targeted to helping you improve the performance of your teams. With follow-through you will see measurable results in as little as two months – guaranteed.