Designing and Implementing Employee Recognition Programs That Work

Registration is now open for the annual web series Designing and Implementing an Employee Recognition Program That Works. Register now to ensure your space.

Why is this employee recognition program design workshop  so popular? Keep reading…

We all know that employee recognition is critical to maintaining engagement and morale. When employees feel valued your organization is productive and innovative with great bottom-line results. Recognition can give a great return, yet most recognition programs fail to achieve the desired results. Why?

If you have read Make Their Day! Employee Recognition That Works you know that employee recognition isn’t just a plaque, a celebration, or a bump in pay.  It is first and foremost an organizational culture, a way of behaving that sends the message that employees are valued. Beyond the culture itself, a good program has advocates among the management team, sets realistic expectations, provides the skills and incentive for effective delivery, and considers the preferences of employees in its design. Miss any piece of the puzzle and your program won’t provide much return.

Good program design requires thoughtful planning. It helps to get assistance from someone who knows the ins and out, who can show where you will get your most return, who can help you avoid the pitfalls. If you have the budget, a consultant can help make your program a winner and save you money in the long term. Still, not every organization can afford to hire a recognition expert. There is an alternative.

This employee recognition program design series is an affordable alternative to private consulting.

For only $299*, you and your colleagues can attend a weekly webinar, six sessions in all, where you will learn the basics of designing and implementing an employee recognition program. Group size is restricted to allow for plenty of interaction during the sessions. You will be able to ask questions of me and I will ask questions of you so that we can address the unique needs of your organization. To be able to offer this level of personal assistance I need to limit participation to 25 organizations (through conference room access you can have as many people within your organization participate in the webinars as you like).

This is a popular program and because I only run it once per year, you will want to register soon.

Tools, guides, and assessments. The webinar series includes lots of materials that will help you with your program.

You will receive:
Cost of Turnover Worksheets
Executive Commitment Checklist
Catalysts for Manager Commitment
Training Needs Assessment
A copy of Recognition Strategies that Work
24 Questions to Ask Before You Design
Implementation Tables
Sample Timeline to Rollout

Private consultation included: In addition to the six-hour course you will receive five assignments that will help you in your design. When you turn in the assessments and planning documents (one set per organization) I will review them and provide you with my analysis, in essence a private consultation on each of five topics.
When you complete the course your organization will also receive a half-hour private phone consultation that you can use anytime within the following six months.

If you have been considering a recognition program–
If you are concerned about hanging on to your top performers–
If you need maintain morale in spite of layoffs–
this isn’t an opportunity you can afford to pass up!

I hope you can join me.

P.S. If you missed this series, contact me about access to the recording.

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