Employee Recognition Program Survey Results 2012


SHRM and Globoforce have released the results of their 2012 Employee Recognition Programs Survey. There are some very interesting statistics revealed in this survey.

Keep in mind, they polled 770 HR professionals, not the employees within those organizations. This means that the satisfaction rates listed are based on what the HR professionals revealed regarding the companies they work for.

Also note that not all of the professionals’ companies survey employees for level of satisfaction. It appears that only about 42 percent of the represented organizations do survey. ¬†For the other 58 percent, I assume that the HR professionals are offering an educated guess.

On to the results:

76% have recognition programs, of these, 34% of employees are satisfied with the recognition they receive.

What factors improve the level of satisfaction? The survey reveals three key factors worth keeping mind when you are creating a recognition program:

  • Values-based recognition
  • Performance-based recognition
  • Tracking ROI of programs

I agree completely that these are all very important to an effective employee recognition program. Organizations should be recognizing what they value, recognizing those that perform well, and should be tracking results to see where and if they are successful!

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