Employee Recognition Training – Low Cost Strategies

Online Employee Recognition Training on How to Build An Employee Recognition Culture

Low Cost Recognition StrategiesYou are looking for ways to improve recognition in your organization. Maybe you have been asked to create or update an employee recognition program to help boost morale. Or you are looking for that one great idea that will improve poor employee survey scores. Possibly you are trying to figure out why your latest peer recognition program is a failure. Or you might be looking for a low-cost way to undo the damage caused by necessary cost-cutting measures, but don’t have a budget for employee recognition. This employee recognition training program is for you!

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Great Recognition Yields Great Results

It is a fact that great employee recognition boosts morale and productivity. Every CEO knows that their company needs recognition, but they really don’t understand what makes recognition cost-effective. Before you begin to implement changes, check out this one-hour online employee recognition training program by expert Cindy Ventrice. She will share the results of numerous studies and tell you where you can focus your time and attention to produce the best results.

Learn key concepts:

  • Inherent recognition and its affect on your employee recognition programs
  • Real cost of meaningful employee recognition
  • Critical dynamic in effective employee recognition
  • Four elements of recognition that works
  • Symbolic recognition
  • Leveraging what is already in your toolbox

This one hour employee recognition training program is intended for Human Resources, Program Developers and Administrators, Executives and Seniors Managers who want a better understanding of buiding a recognition culture.

Low cost – one participant pays only $49*, thirty or more from the same organization pay $25 per person (the discount chart appears below).

Discount chart

Attendees Price per
1 – 2 – $49.00
3 – 7 – $40.00
8 – 15 – $35.00
16 – 29 – $30.00
30+ $25.00 per attendee

To receive your discount you must register and pay for all participants at one time. Register now

If you have any questions please contact Cindy Ventrice or call 831-476-4224.