How to Create a Workplace Where People Love to Work

An in-depth employee recognition workshop that demonstrates how to engage and motivate through an integrated approach.


  • How to give positive feedback that “sticks”
  • Techniques for coaching employees to better performance
  • Why you should leverage employee strengths and interests for greater morale and productivity

“Over the course of a year and a half nearly all of Polycom’s managers have attended, and program evaluations have shown that managers found their attendance valuable…over half say that they have taken the actions they committed to and have observed positive changes within their teams. Comparison of employee survey results [before and after training] support manager observations: employees feel more appreciated, believe they have more/better development opportunities, and see improvement in the performance process.” 
– Pierre-Francois Catte, COO, Polycom, Inc.


Audience: Managers and supervisors or HR