Ideas for Recognizing Your Manager

Are you looking for ideas for recognizing your manager?

Good for you! So much attention is put on employee recognition that we sometimes forget about recognizing managers. We all need reminders (and ideas) for recognizing our managers.

I recently heard from a reader whose manager has many different ways of recognizing the people in her department. Each month she puts up new posters praising something the group accomplished. She offers lots of verbal praise and writes plenty of notes.  She has also implemented a more formal system of recognition. This reader went on to say that, although she hasn’t had a raise in several years, her manager has ensured that she feels valued.

Her question for me was “Any ideas for how I can show my appreciation and recognize my manager?” My first thought? Copy her on this fantastic email! This reader wanted to do more, but I promise you, any manager who received a copy of the email she had sent me would be thrilled! That said, there are always more ways to recognize your manager. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Get together with like-minded coworkers and ideas for recognizing your manager create an award to present at a potluck. Think of a symbolic award, something fun that represents the message you want to give. It might be a general message – like You Rock (painted on a rock of course), a stuffed giraffe (for the manager who sticks her neck out on your behalf), or a safari (pith) helmet for the leader that brings his team through the jungle of bureaucracy. Use your imagination. 
  2. ideas for recognizing your manager -attribute TheilrCreate a journal of appreciation. Get a small  notebook, decorate the cover if you wish, and write an introduction that explains what the book is about. Now allow everyone to make an entry, writing what they value about this fantastic manager. Consider asking your manager’s boss to write something as well. Present the journal at your next meeting.
  3. Take your manager out to lunch (or coffee). Use the opportunity to just say thank you. Managers don’t hear the words “thank you” often enough so a few simple words of appreciation will make a big difference. Keep your time together low-key and fun. Try not to use the time to deal with any issues that are outstanding.
  4. Remember the little things really are valuable. Send a note or email. Say thank you. In our latest survey 11 percent of meaningful recognition came from direct reports!


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