New Recognition Software Offering – MeritShare

I was recently contacted regarding a new recognition software program called MeritShare. There are lots of programs out there and so I asked them to tell me what made their program different from others on the market. Here is what they told me:

MeritShare Key Differentiators:

Public Sharing – Most competitors are private networks within the company.  Our product provides a company feed page that is locked down, but all thanks and merits are public, as are our employee award pages.  We encourage senders and recipients of awards to share them on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter as well as internal networks and sites like SharePoint, Yammer or Confluence.  Public recognition is a differentiator for us and we feel it more relevant than ever with the rapid growth and adoption of social networks both in the personal and professional space.  Public sharing can also allow the employee’s support system of family, friends and associates to see the recognition event, letting the support system know that the individual excels at their job and their employer and peers recognize that.

Evergreen and career-lasting profile pages – MeritShare creates a profile page that can be used throughout the entire career of an individual.  Similar to LinkedIn, a MeritShare profile will include awards and kudos from all the companies an employee works for over time. This provides persistence to the employee, something they can reference from their professional profiles over time.  Many employees receive some form of recognition throughout their time at a company, very few have a means to capture that event and retain it for future reference.  This ties directly into our personal and corporate branding and reputation building efforts.

Online branding and reputation – Public and online recognition of accomplishment creates positive branding for everyone involved. One of the first things a candidate or employer does is do an online search of a potential employee or company.  Many of our employee award pages rank in the first 1-2 pages of Google results for that employee’s name on Google.  The employee gets a branding boost by having a profile with meaningful feedback and recognition for them.  The company benefits because each award includes the name of the company that granted the award, recognizing that company as an employer that values recognition and has a great company culture.

Pricing – Many providers of employee recognition platforms require their customers to purchase a minimum amount of points and prizes.  We allow our customers to BYOP (Bring Your Own Prizes), giving them flexibility in what they want to award and not forcing them to use our prizes and gifts.  We have the capability to provide awards, gifts and trophies through our partners, but we don’t require companies to commit.  In short, they can just buy our online recognition platform and tools.   In our research and own experience, we found that many companies want to provide their own prizes and/or were disappointed with low prize redemption rates.  We also found out that some of major players only target companies with +500 employees.  According to the US Commerce Stats (2007), there are 59 million businesses with employee bases of 1-499 – we help those companies embrace peer recognition with our simple, focused feature set.

Other Differentiators:

Custom Badges – We believe strongly that awards/badges need to align with company values.  Some of the free offerings do not allow custom badges. We offer a gallery of stock badges as well as provide support for company created graphics, badge names and descriptions about why a particular value is key to company success.

No Performance Management – Some competitors offer integrated performance management tools such as goal setting and goal tracking tools.  Our product is singularly focused on the recognition piece.  Integrated performance management can be a great addition for the right company, but many have already established their review and performance procedures within their company and adding this additional module may slow or complicate adoption by certain clients due to feature overlap with existing products and services.

My Request of You
I haven’t used the program but want to make as much recognition program information available to my readers as possible. If you check out MeritShare please provide me with your feedback. If you would like to see information on another program in this blog, please let me know.


One Response to “New Recognition Software Offering – MeritShare”

  1. Colin Behr November 12, 2012 2:00 pm

    We’ve been using Meritshare and have found it a highly engaging tool. The ability for individuals within our team to give each other awards shows recognition for their hard work and achievements, which are always appreciated, but often left unrecognised.
    Certainly a great motivational tool and shows individuals that they’re valued.