New Software for Feedback – Rypple

Last week Wired ran a story on how Facebook was testing new performance feedback software from Rypple.The core idea behind the software is that annual reviews don’t provide frequent enough feedback, an idea I completely agree with!

Frequent feedback is especially important with younger workers. Research that I completed in 2008 showed that those in the workforce 4 years or less had a strong preference for daily feedback, so anything that increases the frequency of feedback is potentially beneficial.

There are many software programs that allow coworkers to offer each other praise or thanks, increasing the frequency of feedback. What seems to set Loops apart is that it also has channels to support supervisors in setting goals and in offering feedback and coaching. Loops isn’t only a peer recognition platform, it is also a supervisor recognition platform. This is a critical distinction because, as you know if you have read Make Their Day, feedback from the supervisor is the critical. Supervisors need tools to support their recognition efforts, not replace them.

According to what I have read, Loops organizes the data to provide a sort of ongoing 360 and can be used to replace (or support) the performance review process.

According to the Rypple website the software is also being used by:
Gilt Groupe
Fern Expo

I look forward to learning more, particularly from those who have been using the software. If you have had experience with Loops, leave a comment.


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