Painless Performance Evaluations


I recently had the pleasure of “sharing the stage” with Marnie Green of Management Education Group. My program on Employee Recognition followed hers on Corrective Feedback and Painless Performance Evaluations. We chatted during lunch and shared our books with each other.

On my flight home I had a chance to read Painless Performance Evaluations and found that it offers a practical approach to managing employee performance as well as completing evaluations. In this book Marnie explains why performance evaluation is important and shows how to do it effectively. The book offers lots of specifics, examples, and opportunities for reflection. Here is an sample of what you will find inside:

  • Clarifying performance expectations
  • Documenting performance fairly and legally
  • Identifying and addressing performance issues
  • Conducting the evaluation meeting, and my favorite
  • Encouraging employees to participate in the performance management process

As a step by step how-to book this seems like a must have for every supervisor who is required to complete performance evaluations.

I have never been very involved in formal performance evaluation except to say that nothing on an evaluation should ever come as a surprise. If you are doing your job as a performance manager the evaluation will only recap and document what you have discussed during the performance period. That said, performance evaluation is a requirement in most organizations and this book will help you do it effectively!


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