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On this page you will find employee recognition products developed by expert Cindy Ventrice. These include the best-selling book, Make Their Day, as well as other books and research reports.




Make Their Day! Employee Recognition That Works

This top-selling book reveals what employees want you to know about recognition. Employees told author Cindy Ventrice what makes them feel appreciated and acknowledged. Their insights, supporting research into employee motivation, best practices of highly-respected companies, and revealing stories from the workplace make Make Their  Day! a fun and enlightening read. Learn more.

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Recognition Strategies That Work

A companion guide that reinforces the key concepts introduced in Make Their Day!  Managers requested a book that would help them further improve their recognition skills. Recognition Strategies That Work does this by taking a step-by-step approach to the Why, What, Who, How, and Where of recognition. Includes a 15-week study guide for discussion groups.

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101-Tips-Cover-small101 Tips for Team Leaders

This little book is filled with practical strategies for anyone who leads a team. You will find proven techniques that will boost your effectiveness and your team’s enthusiasm, ability to collaborate produce significant results! For more information click here.

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