Navigating the Maze of Recognition Program Development

Registration is Now Open for the Popular Web Series Designing & Implementing Recognition Programs That Work


navigate the maze of recognition program development


Are you interested in employee recognition program development? Are you planning to implement or revamp a recognition program? Well, you are in luck!

Once each year I offer the webinar series Designing & Implementing Recognition Programs That Work. Registration is now open for the 2013 program development series. The first session is October 2nd. We meet online for one hour each Wednesday at 10:00 am Pacific time. Webinars are also recorded so you can view or review sessions when it is convenient to you.

Here is what we will cover:

Session 1 – October 2
Getting Commitment from Leadership
1)      Why recognition matters
2)      Tips for getting that critical executive leadership
3)      How do you create a congruent message and develop inherent recognition
4)      Assignment – assess program purpose and executive commitment

Session 2 – October 9
Getting Manager Buy In
1)      What’s in it for the manager?
2)      How selling managers and supervisors differs from selling top management.
3)      Five techniques for building further commitment
4)      Using metrics and accountability to build involvement
5)      Assignment – assess current manager willingness and driving factors

Session 3 – October 16
The Manager’s Role in Effective Recognition
1)      Why focus on the manager? 50/30/20 Rule of Employee Satisfaction
2)      What every manager needs to know – training basics
3)      Assignment – assess manager understanding of recognition principles

Session 4 – October 23
Assessment in Recognition

1)      When and how to address business initiatives with recognition programs
2)      Learn to identify when recognition is the wrong solution
3)      Assessing employee satisfaction with existing recognition
4)      Assignment –assessment of employee satisfaction

Session 5 – October 30
Design Research & Considerations
1)      Examples of forms recognition programs can take
2)      Reinforcing organizational values and culture with organizational programs
3)      Making the program fair
4)      Tips for dealing with a cynical workforce
5)      How to deal with the nonexistent budget
6)      Assignment – complete design questionnaire

Session 6 – November 6
Program Rollout – Managing the Project
1)      Bottom-line – focus on the why
2)      Outline – clarify what, who, and how
3)      Timeline – scheduling roles and responsibilities
4)      Achieving Momentum
5)      Demonstrating your Return on Investment
6)      Assignment – Create your preliminary implementation plan

Program development can be complex. To help you achieve a flawless implementation, I’ve included worksheets, surveys, assessments, implementation tables, sample timelines, and a copy of Recognition Strategies That Work to help you plan your training.  You will get an individualized evaluation of every assignment you complete (one set per organization). You will also receive a 1/2 hour consulting call at the end of the series that will aid your program development efforts. To get this level of attention for your organization alone, you would have to invest at least $4000.

Registration for the full program is $399 and allows you to include as many people from your organization as you like. Don’t miss out! Register now.

For the first time, you can choose to register for the individual sessions that most interest you. Need help selling your senior leaders on a recognition program? Sign up for the October 2nd session. Not sure what form your program should take? You will benefit from three sessions: October 15, 23, and 30. You can sign up for individual sessions here.

Each class is limited to the first 25 organizations to register, so don’t miss out!


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