Sample Interview Questions

Make Their Day!: Employee Recognition That Works

Cindy Ventrice has been interviewed for radio and television as well for print and web.
Here are some topics that you might find interesting:


  • Do companies that get recognition right really do better financially?
  • Is recognition really appropriate in a down economy?
  • How do you recognize employees without spending a lot of money?
  • Morale is down, can recognition help?
  • Do you have any fun and inexpensive recognition ideas?

Common Recognition

  • Why do so many recognition programs fail?
  • What are the most common recognition programs?

Make Their Day Recognition

  • What makes the Make Their Day philosophy different?
  • What are the benefits for managers who read and follow Make Their Day?
  • Can you offer some success stories?
  • What kinds of recognition can managers offer, beyond the usual plaques and certificates?
  • How can a manager assess the quality of the recognition currently offered?
  • What makes recognition fair?
  • How do you deal with cultural differences?

Recognition Research

  • How did you research the employee perspective on recognition?
  • What did employees tell you?
  • What surprised you the most about what you learned?
  • What is the latest research on recognition show?


  • What are some tips for employees who don’t get the recognition they deserve?
  • Do the concepts in Make Their Day! have an application outside of the workplace?