Employee Recognition Workshops

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Recognition Basics

This session provides grounding in principles of good recognition. We will cover:

  • Why recognition is important
  • What are the elements of meaningful recognition
  • How outside influences affect recognition satisfaction
  • How to assess where you are right now
  • What you need to do to establish a habit of recognizing others

Includes exercises and ample opportunity for discussion.

Time: 4 hours


Delivering Great Recognition

This session refines recognition technique. We will cover:

  • Three reasons people often feel unrecognized
  • How to deliver powerful recognition one to one
  • How to assess your improvement

Includes both written and verbal practice.

Time:  3 hours


Individualizing & Fairness

This session explore what happens when you recognize according to preferences and performance.

  • The effect of team culture on preferences
  • Personality and preference clues
  • Scaling the Fairness Hierarchy
  • Singling out top performance

Includes exercises, a case study, and ample opportunity for discussion.

Time: 4 hours


Encouraging Peer Recognition

Peer recognition improves cooperation and camaraderie. In this session we will cover:

  • The 50/30/20 Rule of Recognition
  • Techniques for facilitating peer recognition
  • The FASTER meeting format

Includes exercises, discussion, and practice.

Time: 2 hours


Dealing with Poor Performance

Poor performers need recognition and will thrive if it is done well. In this session we will cover how to:

  • Determine when recognition is appropriate
  • Avoid giving mixed messages
  • Deliver recognition that boosts performance

Includes checklists, a case study, and practice.

Time: 3 hours


Making a Recognition Presentation

This session is for anyone who wants to deliver public recognition. Recognition Basics and Delivering Great Recognition are recommended prerequisites. We will cover:

  • Know your audience
  • Gather your facts
  • Craft your message
  • Practice delivery

Includes checklists, a case study, and practice with videotaping.

Time: 4 hours


Please note, some programs can be combined very effectively.

Delivering Great Recognition and Making a Recognition Presentation make for a full day on delivering recognition both informally and formally.

Recognition Basics is a terrific introduction to either Individualizing & Fairness or Dealing with Poor Performance.