Make Their Day – Second Edition – press release

Second Edition of Make Their Day! Employee Recognition That Works 
Available May 11th

Santa Cruz, California (Press Release) April 1, 2009 

Employee Recognition with Proven Results

Make Their Day! Employee Recognition That Works, the completely revised and expanded second edition, shows how managers can spend less time and money on recognition while achieving significant improvements in productivity.

“A new sales manager is given the second-lowest-performing region. He believes that people who feel valued will outperform others and decides to make recognition a priority. His first quarter as manager, his team beats its quota. The second quarter they do it again, and at the end of the third quarter…well, at the end of the third quarter they are the second-highest-performing region!”

Author Cindy Ventrice points to a simple fact: people who feel valued perform at a much higher level. This increased performance level, in turn, energizes and revitalizes the workplace. Once a system of personalized and thoughtful recognition is set into motion, a motivated, loyal, and industrious team begins to emerge. Managers soon see their jobs get easier.

According to a 2007 survey, 88 percent of the most meaningful recognition
costs under $100. Of that 88 percent, 57 percent is absolutely free.

Awards, perks, and privileges don’t really motivate – people don’t knock themselves out for a plaque or a parking place. Instead, the most meaningful recognition is integrated into the workplace and revolves around intangibles: praise, thanks, opportunity, and respect. Written from a manager’s perspective, Make Their Day! offers advice and strategies to create inherent recognition that is specific, relevant, and truly personal.

“James, I noticed that you have the highest recognition program usage for your company. Tell us, has it made any difference with your employees?” “Yes, the difference in attitude and behavior is phenomenal.”

The manager has a powerful impact on employee morale and productivity. Ventrice shows that with the right recognition, managers will discover that:

  • Underperformers begin to excel.
  • Solid performers become star performers.
  • Employees are more willing to tackle problems on their own.
  • Their workload as managers will ease.
  • Productivity goes up!

This edition highlights new companies with successful recognition methods, and reveals steps for offering effective recognition in an increasingly virtual and global work environment. There are two completely new chapters: on understanding recognition preferences within organizational culture, and ensuring reward practices are perceived as fairly distributed and equally up for grabs.

The Make Their Day! philosophy is based on proven techniques. Managers will benefit from tips and examples from successful organizations that know the payoffs of meaningful recognition:

  • Tip 1: Focus on quality. In the 2007 survey employees completed for Fortune magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” list, nearly all Google employees said they were proud to tell others where they work. Googlers, as they are called, are equally proud of their product. One hundred percent of employees use the Google search engine over the competition. They believe their product is the best and adds value to people’s lives.
  • Tip 2: Focus on results. Managers at Best Buy headquarters give their employees the freedom to choose how, where and when the work gets done. The only measure is whether the work gets done. This freedom and flexibility shows employees they are valued, and the recognition does not go unnoticed. “She treated us like grown-ups,” says now-manager Amy Johnson. “It made me feel so energized.”
  • Tip 3: Focus on fairness. Doug Purcell, Cisco System’s VP of Public Sector Service Sales, advocates making sure that every employee has the opportunity for recognition. He realized that his sales people had more chances to receive recognition than did the supporting members of the team. as part of his efforts to provide more balance, he implemented a quarterly award to be given to an outstanding individual whose works support the efforts of the sales team. According to a recipient of the award: “It is always meaningful to be recognized in front of your peers, especially when your contributions are less obvious.”

Make Their Day! provides insights into creating a trusting and efficient workplace. Filled with strategies for meaningful recognition, this book provides the necessary tools for managers to spark a boost in both morale and productivity.

About the author

Cindy Ventrice is an advocate of manager-driven recognition and has helped hundreds of companies successfully embrace this approach within their organizations. As a recognition advocate, she has worked with managers and supervisors from around the world in both the public and the private sectors, teaching them how to improve loyalty and productivity with recognition. Her clients have included Cisco Systems, MIT, Bell Canada, Wells Fargo, and State Farm Insurance.

A frequent keynote speaker and active member of the National Speakers Association, Cindy addresses audiences on issues ranging from motivating volunteers to retaining the best employees and keeping them happy and productive. A longtime member of the improvisational theater community, she brings what she has learned as an improviser to her programs, injecting fun and interactivity into every keynote and training session.

She has been quoted for her expertise by media as diverse as the New York Times and the Costco Connection and has been interviewed on major radio stations nationwide on “How to Give Your Rotten Boss a Makeover.”


TITLE:             Make Their Day!: Employee Recognition That Works, Second Edition

AUTHOR:      Cindy Ventrice
PUBLISHER: Berrett-Koehler
ISBN:              978-1-57675-601-0
PRICE:            24.95

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