Employee Recognition Webinar Series – Individual Sessions

Designing & Implementing an Employee Recognition Program That Works

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October 2, 2013
Getting Commitment from the Leadership of Your Organization
1)      Why employee recognition matters
2)      Tips for getting that critical executive leadership
3)      What to do to create a congruent message and develop inherent recognition
4)      Assignment – assess program purpose and executive commitment

Cost of Turnover Worksheet
Executive Commitment Checklist

October 9, 2013
Getting Manager Buy In
1)      What’s in it for the manager?
2)      How selling managers and supervisors on employee recognition differs from selling top management.
3)      Five techniques for building further commitment
4)      Using metrics and accountability to build involvement
5)      Assignment – assess current manager willingness and driving factors

Cost of Turnover Worksheet
Catalysts for Manager Commitment

October 16, 2013
The Manager’s Role in Effective Employee Recognition
1)      Why focus on the manager? 50/30/20 Rule of Employee Satisfaction
2)      What every manager needs to know – training basics
3)      Assignment – assess manager understanding of recognition principles

Training Needs Assessment
Evaluation copy of Recognition Strategies that Work

October 23, 2013
Assessment in Employee Recognition

1)      Addressing business initiatives with employee recognition programs
2)      Identifying when recognition is the wrong solution
3)      Assessing employee satisfaction with existing employee recognition
4)      Assignment –assessment of employee satisfaction

Recognition survey
Multi-rater survey

October 30, 2013
Design Considerations
1)      Examples of forms employee recognition programs can take
2)      Reinforcing organizational values and culture with organizational programs
3)      Making the program fair
4)      Tips for dealing with a cynical workforce
5)      Dealing with the nonexistent budget
6)      Assignment – complete design questionnaire

Tools: 24 Questions to Ask Before You Design

November 6, 2013
Program Rollout – Managing the Project
1)      Bottom-line – focus on the why
2)      Outline – clarify what, who, and how
3)      Timeline – scheduling roles and responsibilities
4)      Achieving Momentum
5)      Demonstrating your Return on Investment
6)      Assignment – Create your preliminary implementation plan

Implementation Tables
Sample Timeline to Rollout
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