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Designing and Implementing Recognition Programs that Work

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“This program provides step-by-step instructions and real-life suggestions on how to implement
a successful recognition program.”

-Caralee Biback, Human Resources Manager, Colortech, Inc.

If you don’t have the budget for private design consulting, this is the option for you.

This popular series offers the most cost-effect solution to employee morale challenges.

There is a proven formula for improving engagement using employee recognition. If employees feel valued your organization can not only survive, but often thrive during economic downturn, a competitive job market, rapid growth, or any challenge you may be facing.

If you have read Make Their Day you might remember the story of Remedy, the company that coped with economic hardship and parent company scandals, and managed to come through it with improved customer service, increased revenue, and steady employee morale. To make this happen they needed a culture of recognition.

You can’t achieve the level of engagement that produces exceptional results by adding a gift card program or an employee of the month award.

Program development must be built on a rock solid foundation and adhere to the principles of meaningful recognition.

Would you recommend this program? “Yes, very much so. There are so many things that can go wrong with implementing a program that it is very important to learn from someone who has seen both successful and unsuccessful program implementations.”

-David DeWees, Senior Manager of Consulting Services, SARK, Inc (a division of Software Architects)

A Cost-Effective Solution. There is an alternative that your organization can afford. For your $399* investment, you and your colleagues can attend a weekly webinar series, six sessions in all, where you will learn the basics of designing and implementing a recognition initiative.

“A six-week course and individual feedback – a bargain!”

-Heather, HR Generalist, PNE

*$399 for the full series, $80 per individual session. Attend with your colleagues for one low price.

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Tools, guides, and assessments.
 The webinar series includes lots of materials that will help you with your program.

You will receive:
Cost of Turnover Worksheets
Executive Commitment Checklist
Catalysts for Manager Commitment
Training Needs Assessment
A copy of Recognition Strategies that Work
Recognition survey
Multi-rater survey
24 Questions to Ask Before You Design
Implementation Tables
Sample Timeline to Rollout
Private consultation included: In addition to the six-hour course you will receive five assignments that will help you prepare your initiative. When you turn in the assessments and planning documents (one set per organization) I will review them and provide you with my analysis, in essence a private consultation on each of five topics.
When you complete the course your organization will also receive a half-hour private phone consultation that you can use anytime within the following six months. To get this level of attention for your organization alone, you would have to invest at least $4000.
If you have been considering a recognition program–
If you are concerned about hanging on to your top performers–
If you need maintain morale in spite of layoffs–
this isn’t an opportunity you can afford to pass up!


Session 1
Getting Commitment from the Leadership of Your Organization
1)      Why recognition matters
2)      Tips for getting that critical executive leadership
3)      What to do to create a congruent message and develop inherent recognition
4)      Assignment – assess program purpose and executive commitment

Session 2
Getting Manager Buy In
1)      What’s in it for the manager?
2)      How selling managers and supervisors differs from selling top management.
3)      Five techniques for building further commitment
4)      Using metrics and accountability to build involvement
5)      Assignment – assess current manager willingness and driving factors

Session 3
The Manager’s Role in Effective Recognition
1)      Why focus on the manager? 50/30/20 Rule of Employee Satisfaction
2)      What every manager needs to know – training basics
3)      Assignment – assess manager understanding of recognition principles

Session 4
Assessment in Recognition

1)      Addressing business initiatives with recognition programs
2)      Identifying when recognition is the wrong solution
3)      Assessing employee satisfaction with existing recognition
4)      Assignment –assessment of employee satisfaction

Session 5
Design Research & Considerations
1)      Examples of forms recognition programs can take
2)      Reinforcing organizational values and culture with organizational programs
3)      Making the program fair
4)      Tips for dealing with a cynical workforce
5)      Dealing with the nonexistent budget
6)      Assignment – complete design questionnaire

Session 6
Program Rollout – Managing the Project
1)      Bottom-line – focus on the why
2)      Outline – clarify what, who, and how
3)      Timeline – scheduling roles and responsibilities
4)      Achieving Momentum
5)      Demonstrating your Return on Investment
6)      Assignment – Create your preliminary implementation plan


You can achieve an energized work environment without investing a lot of money. The key is getting real buy in for your recognition initiative, building skills, developing a solid plan, and creating a memorable communication campaign.

Your Investment in Improved Morale – $399 for the full series. Includes materials, ½ hour individual consulting call, and optional assignments that can be submitted for evaluation at any point during the series. These assignments give you the opportunity to apply the course content to your program’s development.  You will be able to submit your analysis of your organization’s current recognition climate, your assessment of available resources and manager readiness for feedback. Your work on an implementation plan will help you prepare your program for rollout.

Group size is restricted to allow for plenty of interaction during the sessions. You will be able to ask questions of me and I will ask questions of you so that we can address the unique needs of your organization. To be able to offer this level of personal assistance I need to limit participation to 25 organizations (through conference room access you can have as many people within your organization participate in the webinars as you like).

Need to miss a session? Webinars will be recorded for participant playback.

You can also register for individual sessions and complete and associated assignment for evaluation, but will not be eligible for the 1/2 hour consultation.

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