You can make a difference – Employee Recognition Resources

You need to keep your best people and keep them engaged. The best way to do this is by developing a culture based on meaningful recognition. Did you know that the companies that attract and keep great employees typically have over 70 percent employee satisfaction with employee recognition? Compare this to the average organization that has between 40 and 50 percent satisfaction. It is easy to achieve 50 percent satisfaction, but if you want the kind of satisfaction levels that really make a difference you need a proven approach.

“With one particularly troublesome member of my team, the results have been phenomenal!”

Don’t let anyone convince you that there is nothing you can do to make a difference. You will find resources on this site that will help you produce results, even with:

  • a very limited budget,
  • practically no time to implement, and/or
  • overworked, skeptical managers.

Information you can use

There is lots of helpful information here for you. Look around and you will find:

Books and prerecorded webinars that will help you learn more about the most effective approach to recognition.

Programs that you can bring to your company or association.

blog with lots of free information for building a culture that produces real results!