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3 Twists on Ice Cream That Make a Sweet Treat

You scream. I scream. We all scream for ice cream.

Ice cream is every child’s favorite dessert. That icy, sweet, milky sensation when you bite or lick one brings out the happiness in young and old alike, so much, so that ice cream is a universally popular dessert, such that it has become a classic.

While the classic “ice cream in a cone” is always nice to come back to, there are plenty of other mouth-watering variations of ice cream that exist. Today, many ice cream parlors offer a wide variety of ready-made ice cream hybrids, such as cakes and sandwiches made out of ice cream.

These put a fun twist on plain ice cream for some extra sweet delight. Here are some of the most popular ice cream-based desserts you can find:

Ice Cream Cakes

The only thing as universally popular as the ice cream is cake, so why not combine them into one? An ice cream cake is usually prepared like a three-layered cake. However, instead of all layers being made of baked cake, at least one of the layers (usually the middle one) is made purely out of ice cream.

Typically, the layers alternate between the cake component and the ice cream component. Like all other cakes, an ice cream cake can then be topped with whipped cream and a slew of other toppings like fruits and wafers.

Because it still maintains the shape of a cake, it is becoming an increasingly popular fixture at birthday parties and weddings. When serving an ice cream cake, it is important to keep it frozen up until it is due to be served and eaten; if it is kept outside the freezer for a long period of time, the ice cream may melt, thereby collapsing the cake and ruining its structure.

Ice Cream Sandwiches

A popular form of street food in Asia, ice cream sandwiches have steadily increased in popularity worldwide as well. The original ice cream sandwich involved having a block of ice cream sandwiched in between two slices of specially made bread.

The whole thing would then be eaten as a normal sandwich would. The bread would act as a crust, giving an additional texture that contrasted with the milky ice cream. There have since been multiple variations of this, where instead of bread being used, wafers and cookies serve as the crust.

Part of what makes this dessert popular is the incredible number of possible variations in flavor, as you can opt to use different flavors of crust with different flavors of ice cream. Truly, the opportunities for satisfaction are endless.

A La Mode Bars

Homemade frozen ice cream popsicles in various flavorsA La Mode bars put a small but exciting twist on ice cream popsicles. Here, the bars of ice cream are dipped into flavoring, similar to a fondue. The bar is then frozen again, so the flavoring hardens and sticks to the ice cream.

When you bite into it, the hardened flavoring gives the bar additional crunch and sweetness, adding to the burst of happiness than an ice cream gives you.

As with the ice cream sandwiches, there are endless possibilities for variations in ice cream and flavoring matchups. The flavoring also need not necessarily be liquid; for example, ground nuts or sprinkles can also do the trick, meaning there will always be something for everyone.

Even ice cream still manages to offer something new. Try these exciting twists on this classic treat today. It’s sure to give you a different kind of cool.

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