4 Amazing Venues for a Wedding Reception That Will Liven Up Your Celebration

Now that you’re getting married, you wish for nothing else than to make this special event a memorable one. From the preparations to the guest list down to the venue itself, there’s a lot of work needed to bring your dream wedding into life.

Many couples often find themselves a little too overwhelmed by the number of things they have to fulfil especially when searching for wedding venue options. To take off a chunk of that worry, listed below are some suggestions you could use when you are to look for a wedding reception ideas in Kent.

1. Bring it to the garden

If you’re deeply attached to the natural charm of florals and faunas, then selecting a garden venue for your wedding is the right thing to do. While the idea of a garden location is not entirely new to most couples, when it comes to themes and decorations, you certainly don’t have any limitations.

You have to remember that to be able to be different from others, all it takes is a unique layout and inspiration. So you need to be creative and clever when picking the style you want to go for.

2. Celebrate by the sea

Beach wedding

Enjoy a picturesque view as you exchange vows with your special someone by celebrating this precious moment by the seashore. The serene sound of the ocean would definitely make the whole event more solemn.

In addition, you’ll both appreciate and savour the warmth of the sun as it mixes right through the refreshing breeze of the shore. Nothing is definitely incomparable to this feeling especially when you share it to the most important person to your life.

To best enjoy this another chapter in your life, it’s important that you check the weather condition during the dates you prefer to avoid ruining this once-in-a-lifetime moment.

3. Have a relaxed pub wedding

Channel the festive and lively vibe of a pub by holding your celebration in one. This might come as an unusual location for such an event, but nobody says you can’t do it. Besides, it sets as the perfect place for your guests to have fun and enjoy themselves.

They could dance and socialise till their heart’s content. Just one piece of advice, if ever you choose this as a location, be sure that everyone will drink in moderation. As this type of event is meant to be cherished and remembered dearly.

4. Have a theme park reception

Make your union extra magical by having your ceremony and reception at an amusement park. If you’re going for a carnival theme, there’s no better way to fulfil this dream than rent out a theme park. This would also get you creative with the menu list.

You could come up with food names based off on your favourite rides. One quick reminder, if you wish to hold your event at this kind of location, keep in mind that theme parks peak season usually runs from January to April. So you better choose your time and date well.

When it comes to finding a wedding style that will suit your taste, you have tons of inspirations and ideas to choose from. These are just a few suggestions for you to consider so that yours wouldn’t end up a cookie-cutter wedding.

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