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Bed Sheets 101: What to Choose and How to Choose

Sleeping is important, especially when you have an active lifestyle. Your mind is refreshed and your body is once again ready to take on any task when you get a good night sleep. On that note, you have to make your bedroom as sleeping inducing as possible. One way to do that is to take into consideration the sheets you are using.

What Sheets Can You Choose From?

New kinds of sheets are coming out in the market, and one of those is bamboo sheets. It’s not only soft to feel, but it’s also a sustainable material. It’s better than linen and cotton because it’s softer. As it’s made of a natural material, it’s also antimicrobial and can absorb moisture. The best thing about bamboo sheets is that you can use it during summer and winter. It keeps you cool in the summer and warm during winter.

One of the most common kinds of bed sheets is made of cotton. Manufacturers promise that these bed sheets are breathable, durable, and soft. Some high-quality cotton sheets are made of extra-long fibers, which are called long-staple fibers. There’s also the 100% Egyptian cotton and 100% prima cotton.

A more inferior type of cotton is the American Upland, which is 100% cotton but made of a short-staple kind. It’s durable, but rougher than the finer types of cotton. Another type is the trademarked micro cotton from India. It’s a soft and durable material made of a long-staple blend.

Factors You Should Consider When Buying

The first thing to notice when buying sheets is their fiber content. It’s what makes a bedsheet stand out. Likewise, it’s the basis for its softness and durability. Bamboo sheets, which are rising in popularity, have several advantages you may like — it’s soft, durable, and sustainable. This is a luxurious product that you will love.

The thread count is something that might confuse you. It’s available in 200, 300, and 500. What are they supposed to mean? The thread count accounts for the softness of the sheets. Some people are okay with a lower thread count while others like a higher one. Choose the thread count you like by testing it out first.

Measure your mattress before buying. Some mattresses are taller than others. Even with standard sizes, the depth can be different so better measure everything. To add, you can assume that there will be shrinkage after washing. With that, add some allowance when buying.

Other Factors to Consider Before Your Final Decision

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Sometimes, you buy sheets because it felt right in the store. When you get home and try it, you feel different. Because of that, you should buy sheets that offer a good return policy.

Lastly, check the price. Know how much you’re okay with. If you’re buying with a loved one, talk about your budget first at home so you won’t get into arguments in the store. Knowing the amount you can shell out allows you to choose the right kinds of sheets for you.

Buying sheets is like carefully thinking about what to cook for the family. You have to put a considerable amount of thought because you’re going to use it for a long time. Aside from other factors, you’ll get a good sleep if your sheets are comfy. Choose wisely and happy shopping.

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