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Why the Body is the Ultimate Fashion Project

Ever since the dawns of both man and art, the human body has become the ultimate art piece for many artists and spectators alike. The human body is such a unique specimen compared to its siblings in the animal kingdom. It has been gifted with a relatively large brain and opposable thumbs, which enable it to do various things. With the grasping hand, we can do many things like communicate, use tools, and do art.

Most fashion icons express themselves through their own bodies. They have put great emphasis on the model’s bodies as the standard of beauty. It is the reason why people go head over heels trying to get that slim figure in the decades past. In the early 90s to the late 2000s, skinny models were the ultimate benchmark for sexiness and perfection. Most of the models were beyond skinny and were donning unhealthy body mass indexes.

There were a lot of reports surrounding the notorious pressure for models to become skin and bones. In a Harvard University School of Public Health study, 62% of the models were allegedly pressured by their respective agencies to lose weight. As a consequence, models had an unhealthy mindset and had poor overall mental health. Most of them engaged in unhealthy eating habits, which were potentially fatal.

People fail to realize that the human body is the ultimate fashion project. The body that wears the clothes is the one that needs reshaping. Beyond the mindset of physical appearance, we must know when to stop with regard to unhealthy lifestyle choices.

What makes the body the ultimate fashion project?


The hair is the ultimate crowning glory. There is no need to wear hats if you wear your healthy head of hair proudly. Before all the helmets and hats worn because of utility and protection, the hair is the body and brain’s ultimate defense against the weather and lose objects. It is objectively the second layer of defense next to the skull. The human body evolved into having a full head of hair. It is just right that we do our best to protect and cultivate our hair.

Hair can make or break an entire look. Make sure your hairdresser or hairstylist is equipped with the appropriate pair of hair-thinning shears to ensure that your hair is cut just the way you like it. It is also significant that you clean your hair with the appropriate hair products. You must take care of your hair, as it is the first thing people notice.

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Not everyone is blessed with amazing skin. It is the skin and not the clothes that you wear. No matter how dressed up you are, people will see what you look like underneath all the cover-ups. Your skin is something that you should take care of with great rigor. A healthy suit of skin tells of how much water you intake, what kinds of food you consume, and what kind of environment you expose yourself to. Many factors can affect the quality of your skin. Assuring that you apply the proper solutions to whatever problem your skin might have will solve your problems with self-confidence and poise.


People can tell whether a person is confident by the way they uphold their posture. Posture cannot be understated for its health benefits. Proper posture improves a person’s blood flow to all the parts of his or her body, including the organs. It also keeps the muscles of your body correctly positioned. With proper posture, you are less likely to hurt your back when physically doing work. Posture also assures that your body will maintain its correct form by the time you reach your golden years. The posture is one of the first things that leave an impression on people you meet. Posture should be one of the top things on your list if you want to make a fashion statement for yourself.

Body Language

Your body language says a lot more than clothes can. Body language can communicate our feelings more than our words can. It plays a vital role in human interaction. Sincerity and deception can be detected not from our words but from our actions. With the appropriate body language, we can also signal our desires and our fears. Knowing and studying your body language is an art form in itself. By mastering the way we behave ourselves in front of others, we enable ourselves to fully express what we mean. Body language makes such a loud statement all the time — even louder than the clothes you wear.

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