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Can Natural Light Help Your Company with Its Revenue?

Most people look for the best amenities when looking for a space for their businesses. But it is not about how big the meeting rooms are or how elaborate the interior design of the office is. Experts say that 85.1 percent of employees consider workplace design as a crucial part of their satisfaction level. Still, only a few companies try to provide their employees with the ideal office space that they deserve.

How natural light affects employee satisfaction

One of the critical workplace mistakes that companies commit is the lack of access to natural light. Every living organism needs light so that it can function correctly. The sun has a considerable influence on the body’s circadian rhythm. It is a biological process that affects the mental, physical, and behavioral health of a person. Any disruption to a person’s circadian rhythm can have adverse effects on their mental health. It can even affect their physical health. It also has a negative effect on their ability to perform while at work.

In a confined space, access to natural light is essential to an employee’s productivity. It can affect their ability to engage in the tasks that they need to do. Access to daylight allows employees to see the outdoors, thus helping them buffer the stress that comes with their work.

A few studies about the effects of natural light show that regular exposure to it reduces the effects of seasonal affective disorder (SAD). SAD is a depressive state that ends at the same time as the season. Aside from its effects on mental health, natural light also improves a person’s vision. It is true, especially when it comes to perceiving colors.

Natural light also helps regulate serotonin, vitamin D, and melatonin. These proteins aid in preventing certain diseases such as colds and the flu. As a result, the occurrence of absenteeism among employees is reduced.

Access to natural light and its impact on revenue

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Access to natural light also has strong economic ties to your business’ growth. For example, working at a commercial space in Ortigas that has access to natural light increases productivity. Research shows that working in a workspace with a lot of natural light coming in diminishes eyestrain. It also helps reduce headaches and drowsiness.

Natural light can affect your company’s carbon footprint, too. One of the critical factors behind every company’s electric consumption is lighting. Using natural light can help reduce the need to use electricity to illuminate the area. Using daylight sensors can reduce electricity consumption. These daylight sensors help set up automatic controls to all the lights in the area to help save energy.

From call centers to design firms, more and more companies have now realized the benefits that natural light can offer. Employers have recognized the importance of workplace design. If you are a growing company, you need to look for an ideal workspace to build your brand. You need to search for an office area that can provide you with the best access to natural light.

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