Celebrate at Home: Smart Ideas for Throwing a Virtual Birthday Party

The ongoing global pandemic has forced many people around the world to stay at home. If you need to go out for essential activities like grocery shopping, medical emergencies, and exercise, you’ll need to practice physical distancing and avoid large crowds or gatherings.

Although you can’t leave your house to be with your friends and family, you could still meet up virtually. You could also use the Internet to celebrate joyful occasions, such as birthday parties. If you’re thinking of celebrating your birthday at home, go ahead and organize a virtual party.

Here are a few ideas to help you get started:

Create a Thoughtful Guest List

If you want to celebrate your birthday but aren’t into large social gatherings, make a guest list to control the number of people attending your event. When sending out virtual invitations, go beyond the Zoom invite you send via email. Design a customized birthday party invitation that your guests will love. Then, send that invitation via email or through your guests’ preferred social media channel.

Make Sure Your Party Has Food

You don’t need to downsize on food just because the party is virtual. You could, for instance, throw a dessert party with your friends.

Order a custom cake online, preferably a couple of days before your birthday. Then, ask your friends to buy something sweet they want to eat for the party.  During the actual birthday event, bring out your cake and ask your guests to show the treats they bought on camera. This lets you turn a simple celebration into a “sweet” party.

Wear Festive Costumes

Put on a fun outfit to make your party fun and whimsical. If you’re not sure exactly what to wear on your special day, come up with a party theme. A few unique birthday themes include luau, casino, the 80s, glow in the dark, and contemporary. Then, find or design a costume that matches your chosen theme.

Not a fan of themes? That’s okay. Just ask your guests to wear whatever festive outfit they have in their closet.

Plan Birthday Party Activities


A virtual birthday celebration typically consists of greetings, a birthday song, sharing of presents and dinner. If you want your party to be livelier, hold a dance party.

Begin by creating a playlist of your favorite dance songs.  Then, hang up a disco ball or design a custom dance floor in your living room.

When your guests are on mute, share your audio and hit play. Ask them to dance along and share their screens for a fun and lively party.

Apart from a dance party, you could host games, such as Truth or Dare, Charades, and Never Have I Ever.

Send Party Favours to Your Guests

Give party favors to show guests that you’re thankful for attending your simple virtual birthday celebration. Mail these gifts a few days before your birthday.

These ideas will help you turn your virtual birthday into a fun and festive event. Even if you’re cooped up inside your house most of the time, you could still spend your special day with the important people in your life.

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