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Celebrate These Relationship Changes in Your Life and Career

Relationships change over time. The people you are connected with may define the type of person you are in the eyes of other people. Your relationships also shape your ideas, personality, and future. That said, it would be ideal to let everyone know that the people associated with you have changed positively. You may have found a new connection or you are ending a previous one.

Whether it’s for a business partnership or a marriage, you’ll want to make the announcement yourself. These are just some ideas you can try:

Throw an Uncoupling Party

Celebrities call it conscious uncoupling, and the rich and the famous of NYC have thrown parties for something less important. This is an opportunity for you and your soon-to-be-ex to untie the knot, so to speak, in front of everyone who matters. These include business partners and estranged relatives, so there will be no mistaking that you two are still together.

Should you and your former partner decide to go down this route, there are many event spaces to consider in NYC. You can choose one that you have already used before for a gala or party with your friends. You may also look for great venues online or ask for recommendations from your friends and colleagues.

Celebrate Business Mergers

Business people giving each other high fivesUncoupling may be for the non-traditional, but traditional situations also call for a celebration. A business merger gives you many things to celebrate: you and your new business partners are forging a connection that will hopefully benefit both parties. This is a chance for you to put your best foot forward and show new partners that you want the best for the merger.

This also shows a level of transparency, so everyone involved in the merger knows you’re doing everything in good faith. Make sure all communication lines are open to maintain coordination and teamwork. Mergers give you the opportunity to grow your network and your corporate family. Make every employee feel that they are part of this growing family. Acknowledge their efforts and achievements, and recognize their ideas and contributions to the new and bigger company that you are managing.

Host an Engagement Dinner

Though popping the question may be an intimate affair, the announcement to your friends and family may be more public. Gathering everyone to a formal dinner is a good way to start your engagement with full support. This also solves the problem of deciding which side to tell first. There will be no hurt feelings if they are all learning of the engagement at the same time.

Make sure everyone is aware of the plan except your significant other. Coordinate with your family and friends to get some ideas on how you can pull the wedding proposal off and get a sweet “Yes.”

There are many events based on calendar holidays, and there are occasions you create yourself. Whatever it is you are celebrating, invite the right people and make it something memorable for all attendees. The best moments are created with people that matter to you.

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