Change It Up: 3 Ways to Give Your Room a New Look without Breaking the Bank

When you’ve been living in the same home for a long while, no matter how beautiful your interiors are, it’s guaranteed: it’s going to look dull and interesting to your eyes. You’ve grown over-familiar with it, so it doesn’t make you feel anything anymore.

Give in to those creative impulses if you’re thinking of changing its look. Fortunately, you don’t have to break the bank doing this. Here are the best makeover projects that would make a big difference in your house without spending a lot:

Replace the accent details

When you’re in a strict budget but itching to go on a makeover project, the changes that pay off are those done on tiny, yet noticeable features. Window treatments are a good example. When you swap your curtains for blinds, it’s not too costly as a kitchen remodel.

But you still get a whole new atmosphere in the room. This also applies to replacing wallpapers, throw pillows, and indoor plants. They can add a new pop of colour or a different texture into the room. In terms of fixture and furniture, you can go for new lighting or a statement furniture.

Change up your floor or table lamp. Buy that chaise lounge for sale from firms such as Simply Chaise. If you don’t have that big window or stunning fire as a focal point, this will make for a good one.

Rearrange items in the room

Sometimes, it only takes a slight change in the layout of pieces to dress the room in a new way. With that, reposition furniture items. Maybe find a unique focal point to highlight. If you’ve been so used to seeing your fireplace when lounging at your living room, perhaps you can reorient the sofas towards the windows where there are garden views.

After the furniture, work on the accessories. Change the position of artwork hanging on the walls. Switch up the way coffee table books are stacked. Try new spots for your flower vases. One thing you should remember when rearranging items in the room is that it might be a little uncomfortable seeing things in a new layout.

In fact, you might feel the urge to go back to the old one. Don’t. At least not yet. Give it time. Eventually, you’ll get used to it and realise that it’s a nice change after all.

Remove some stuff

Interior Design

Less is more, as they say. In interior design, negative space or the empty, vacant portion of a room gives onlookers’ eyes a rest and makes the other details shine. With that, take this opportunity to take out some pieces in your design. Maybe one of your bedroom walls can do away with some framed photographs or wall art.

Your living room may also be fine without the big ottoman chair by the fireplace. Take a look around every corner in your room and see which ones you can remove. Ask yourself, if this were taken out, will the design still work?

If it does, then you can park that piece in your garage, give it away to a friend or a loved one, or donate it to charity.

Don’t be upset that you’ve grown bored or uninterested about your space. It simply happens when you’ve grown very familiar with it. Go indulge in a makeover project to get the new look you want.

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