Why should your dental practice consider marketing?

The world is changing. There’s no escaping that the world of dental marketing is too. While word of mouth is still important for business growth, there can be no escaping the power of social media and the internet for increasing the popularity of particular businesses. If you have been considering increasing the number of patients you treat in your dental practice, seeking the support of a marketing company that has the knowledge of how to increase interest in your practice combined with dental compliance could be the way to get dominance in a crowded market.

What do marketing companies do? 

If you find the right dental marketing Australia companies, then you could see support for increasing your position on a Google results page. Companies use keywords that are commonly searched on Google within the content they create for you on your website and in blog articles that people can read and are linked to your webpage. This then helps to put you higher up on the results list, which is important as many people don’t look past the first few results. In fact, over 25% of people click on the first result they see, so it is certainly worth investing in support with maintaining your website, enhancing it to link in with search engine listings, as well as having numerous blog articles written to boost your presence.

Marketing companies can also assist with your social media presence and in a world where information is sought on these platforms or found by chance, you can stay connected with potential patients. 75% of people have admitted to purchasing a product or service because they saw it on social media. This is your chance to make contact with that potential patient pool and from here, word of mouth can spread electronically, as people will share posts that you create spreading your reach further.

Your business is dentistry 

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If you are a dentist, you will be extremely busy treating the patients that you already have. Some dentists may believe that they can maintain a website for free and create a profile on social media, but is that really working for you? The reality is, marketing companies exist because it is a full-time job keeping things running to get the most patients possible. Do you have time for an extra full-time job? With increased patients, you can afford to out-source this work to a marketing company that deals with dentistry. The result could be a big expansion in patients and a custom-designed website by experienced dental marketers – and not a template in sight! Getting a marketing team on board to take care of this will free you up to do the thing you’ve trained for, dentistry!

Find out more

If you’re interested in seeking support from a marketing team, check to see if they have won any awards such as the Global Dental Marketing or Best Website and Digital Campaign award from The Dental Awards. Accolades such as these should give you the confidence that you’ve chosen a team who know what they need to do to make your business a success.

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