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Dietary Requirements for Nursing Mothers: Types of Organic Fruits You Should Eat

As most new moms know, one of their primary goals should be to maintain a continuous and adequate milk supply. According to studies, a diet with plenty of veggies, lean proteins, and whole grains are essential for the much-needed milk flow. Besides this, including two servings of fruits per day provides moms and their babies with even more nutrients.

New moms have tight schedules; thus, they require to make their feeding schedules as simple as possible. Therefore, when making yours and your baby’s feeding schedule, ensure to talk to your wholesale organic fruit and veg suppliers to include the following fruits in your next supply.

Green Papaya

This essential fruit is rich with galactagogue, which effectively induces lactation thus enhancing milk production. If you have problems eating green papaya raw, you can combine it with other galactagogue rich vegetables such as carrots and spinach to make healthy smoothies. You may also add ½ cup of Greek yogurt and unsweetened almonds, and you have the perfect breakfast for a breastfeeding mom.


These sweet and smooth fruits contain high levels of phytoestrogens, which resemble and perform the same function as estrogen. According to research, phytoestrogen plays a significant role in the regulation of milk-producing hormones and increasing lactation. Additionally, apricots have plenty of potassium, calcium, vitamins A and C, all of which significantly contribute to optimal growth and health of your baby.


These popular citrus fruits are a rich source of vitamin C, which you now need more than you did when pregnant. According to a study, breastfeeding mothers require a minimum of 120 milligrams of vitamin C daily, which translates to at least two small oranges. Vitamin C helps in the growth and development of teeth, muscles, and bones of newborns. Additionally, vitamin C helps nursing moms in the repair and regeneration of their body tissues.


This is an absolute vitamin C powerhouse, and it easily helps new moms achieve the required 120milligrams of vitamin C per day. Moreover, strawberries contain high water levels, which help, keep the mom and baby hydrated. While not taking enough fluids does not affect how much milk you produce, lack of it leads to acute fatigue for both you and your child.


organic fruits

Potassium is highly essential for pregnant moms and is even more critical during breastfeeding. Potassium helps you maintain your electrolyte and fluid balance in the body leading to better mom and child health. The recommended potassium intake per day is 5100 milligrams. Since one banana contains at least 450 milligrams, you do not have to eat those many bananas. Instead, try to source for potassium in vegetables such as potatoes as they have significantly high amounts.

Childbirth is not an easy process as it leaves your body tired and nutrition deprived. Consuming organic fruits rich in various nutrients helps you heal faster after childbirth, and gives you the energy to handle your child. Additionally, it makes breastfeeding easy, while at the same time giving your child essential nutrients to grow a healthy and strong body.

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