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Dispelling 5 Misconceptions About Metal Roofing

Metal roofs have been used and associated with industrial or commercial buildings for several years. Currently, they are being used in the residential sector. Besides, metal roofing is aesthetically appealing, durable, and energy-efficient, which makes it a perfect option for homeowners. Surprisingly, metal has become the second-most used roofing material in the country, thanks to its low maintenance.

While metal roofing in Salt Lake City is gaining popularity due to its benefits, some homeowners are still hesitant about installing it in their homes. There is a lot of incorrect information about metal roofing that has discouraged homeowners from installing it. Fortunately, these are just misconceptions that should be dispelled.

Metal roofs attract lightning

In reality, lightning strikes anything close to it. Since lightning is excess electricity that is searching for somewhere to discharge, it does so to anything that comes close to it. Trees and telephone poles get struck by lightning more often because they are the closest objects. Metal roofs are among the best roofs for homes that are in areas prone to lightning. Therefore, your metal roof will not catch fire if your home gets struck by lightning.

Metal roofs look boring

Most people have a misconception that metal roofs are dull because they don’t have a variety of colors and styles. On the contrary, metal roofing offers homeowners with an array of colors that they can choose from to suit their architectural styles, such as bright stainless steel, titanium, and copper. The best part is that homeowners can install metal roofs as shingles, panels, and tiles. Additionally, you can install metal roofs using standing seams to add elegance to your home’s roofing.

Metal roofs are not energy-efficient

The truth is that metal roofs have been proven to be energy-efficient, unlike the common myth that they keep the heat in. The misconception has discouraged several homeowners from installing metal roofs. Besides, everyone wants an energy-efficient home. On the contrary, metal roofs reflect solar radiation, which keeps your home cool. Therefore, you should not shy away from installing metal roofs, thinking that they will not help you save energy in your home.

Metal roofs are easily dented by hail

Metal roofing on a house

Unfortunately, several people have hesitated from installing metal roofs because of the fear or myth that they are not durable and that they are easily dented by hail. While hail damages all roof types or materials, it doesn’t damage metal roofs unless in extreme cases. Surprisingly, metal roofs are a preferred choice for roofing in areas that are prone to extreme weather conditions.

Metal roofs are expensive

This ought to be one of the most common myths about metal roofs. In reality, metal roofs are among the most affordable residential roofing materials. Metal roofs can last up to five decades when well-maintained. Therefore, you shouldn’t shy away from this roofing option.

Now that you have cleared the air about metal roofing, you can start your roofing journey. You shouldn’t shy away from metal roofing because of the misinformation out there. You need to get the right roofer to help you bring out the best in your metal roofing.

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