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How to do your laundry like a pro

Do you fear laundry? Well, you are not alone. Many people fear laundry, and why not? It’s a time-consuming, daunting process. It can take anywhere between 40 minutes to more than an hour to do laundry. On top of it all, laundry can damage your clothes if done incorrectly.

But then you don’t even have any escape as washing your dirty clothes is essential. If you want to overcome that daunting task and do that perfect laundry, you are in the right place. Here are some pro tips that will help you master the art of laundry.

1. Get acquainted with the settings

To master laundry, you need to master the settings of the washing machine. To put it simply, there are three basic settings: length, speed, and water temperature. You need to adjust these settings depending on the type and amount of your clothes. For instance, you require shorter cycles for delicate garments and longer cycles for bulky clothes.

Likewise, you also need to select the cycle speed and water temperature according to the clothes. This will be half your job done. If the settings are perfect, so will be the output. Having the proper settings also reduces the risks of possible cloth damage such as wrinkles and shrinking.

2. Clean your machine and dryer

Cleaning depends on how often you use the machine. If you are using it frequently, it is better to clean it regularly. It’s not much of a trouble as all you need to do is run an empty load with a cleaning agent. But when it comes to a dryer, you might need some professional help as it involves cleaning the duct and small vents. You can hire any dryer vent cleaning service provider to get the job done.

Keeping your machine clean and maintained will, in turn, ensure that your clothes are cleaned correctly and without any damage. For instance, if a dryer is not cleaned regularly, it may throw warm air irregularly, affecting your clothes.

On top of it, it may also increase your energy consumption and even lead to fires. According to statistics, around 2,900 cloth dryer fires are reported annually in the USA. Hence, cleaning your machine and dryer can prevent significant damage.

3. Select the right detergent

Detergent plays a vital role in how your cleaning turns up. Usually, people buy a detergent that is either cheap or what their parents used to use. However, you need to select depending on your requirements. If you need powerful washing, a detergent with more enzymes is preferable. Hence, the key is to check the list of ingredients.

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4. Segregate the clothes

If you don’t want the surprise of your tiny pink undergarment on your white shirt, start segregating clothes. Washing the dyed and non-dyed clothes altogether will result in a mix-n-match.

If you are unsure whether a cloth is dyed, there’s a sure-shot way of finding it out. All you need to do is take a wet cotton swab and rub it on the cloth’s inner side. If the swab takes the color of the fabric, it means it is dyed and needs to be washed separately.

5. Care for the delicate

Small undergarments such as bras are very delicate and can quickly lose shape upon hard washing. Hence, it is best to wash such clothes with hands. Thus, instead of using the machine, fill a sink with cool water and wash the delicate garments in it.

If you don’t want to wash with your hands, there’s also the option of mesh bags. However, even while using mesh lingerie bags, ensure adjusting the settings accordingly.

6. Prevent fading and shrinking

Don’t want your favorite tee to fade, use salt to prevent it. A teaspoon of salt will do the job for you and make the color of your dark clothes last longer. Alternatively, washing the clothes inside out can also prove to be helpful.

The best way to prevent shrinking is to adjust the settings according to your clothes. But, if you have missed it and the cloth is already shrunk, there’s one way to unshrink it. You can add baby shampoo to lukewarm water and soak the garment in it. This will cause the fabrics to relax and unshrink the cloth.

7. Use dryer sheets

Using dryer sheets or a fabric softener is the best way to reduce wrinkles and iron time. Despite using the sheets, ensure keeping the dryer settings to the minimum. Once the clothes are dry, take them out immediately and fold or hang them to keep the posture.

Following these tips might not make you the pro you want to be, but they will reduce the hassle you face while doing the laundry. The biggest factor is adjusting your settings. Once you become a pro at that, you will undoubtedly be one with the entire laundry cycle.

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