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Eat Out: Why Eating Outdoors Is Great for the Health

You have heard this many times already. Stepping outside, whether to do some simple outdoor exercises or just enjoy a breath of fresh air, has a lot of benefits. But, it is not just about working out and taking time to relax. It turns out even eating out has plenty of benefits to your health, as well. And when we say eating out, we mean literally.

Staying outdoors helps reduce stress levels. But for you to enjoy the experience, it is preferable that you look for a dining spot with a great outdoor view instead of a balcony overlooking a traffic-heavy street. You might want to go to a picnic-themed restaurant, for instance, or a full bar restaurant in Spring Hill, KS that offers a comforting view of the town.

Here are some of the mental and physical health benefits eating out offers.

Food not only tastes better but also becomes easier to digest

According to health experts, whenever we feel stressed, we pay less attention to the food we eat. So, we usually end up not enjoying it as much. This, in turn, causes digestion issues. This has been proven to be a physiological fact.

Mindfulness is not only about finding joy in things. It is also about truly getting into the moment to observe what we are experiencing. Thankfully, food tastes better, especially when we are already hungry in the first place. So, if we are mentally present as we wolf down that veggie burger, it helps us better recognize how pleasurable the experience is.

Our concentration improves

Several research studies have proven that spending time outdoors increases our ability to focus. Of course, this will not work if you are just fiddling with your phone, though. Set aside your gadgets once in a while to truly enjoy what nature has to offer. When you are outdoors, your “executive attentional system” is able to replenish itself.

Our body produces more vitamin D

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The body’s production of vitamin D increases when we are out in the sun, particularly during early mornings. When the sun hits our skin, the process gets going. However, you should not stay in the sun for too long, or else, risk damage to your skin. Ten or 15 minutes a day is all you need to get your recommended weekly vitamin D intake.

Because there are only a few food items that contain vitamin, going outdoors to enjoy your meals may be what you need for that boost. This vitamin helps keep the bones strong and protect you against several health problems, including depression, heart attack, and cancer.

Spending time outside also helps lower stress levels, which, in turn, improves the body’s immune system. In fact, there has been a number of studies that looked into the positive things nature does for the body.

A recently conducted Japanese study, for one, has revealed that people who spend more time outdoors  experience a significant boost in the activity of their immune system’s cells, also called the “human natural killer cells.”

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