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Five Reasons to Change Your AC Filter More Often

Air conditioners are workhorses that need regular TLC, especially in the Beehive State where summers tend to be extremely hot. They need to be inspected by a qualified professional routinely to head off significant problems and sudden breakdowns.

Tackling timely air conditioning repair in Salt Lake City, Utah, or any surrounding community is imperative. However, there is something you do on your own to keep your cooling equipment at tip-top shape during the hottest months: air filter maintenance.

A filter is a component that prevents pollutants from penetrating the interior spaces of your HVAC system. It protects sensitive parts of the machinery from dirt buildup, boosting the overall performance of your air conditioner when you need it most.

The problem is every filter has its limitations. Even the most capable ones need to be replaced or washed to do its job correctly. A manufacturer usually provides guidelines on how frequent you should maintain an air filter, but there are circumstances when you might need to do it more often. Here are some of them:

1. You Use Your Forced-air HVAC System at Least Half a Year

If you are using your air conditioner for a minimum of six months a year, you need to pay more attention to your filter. Continuous use can cause it to clog sooner than you think, so ignore the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendation if you run your AC more than an average Utahn does.

2. You Live with Pets

Animals, especially dogs, shed hair all the time. Even if you clean the strands of hair when you see them, there is a good chance that you might miss some. Those that escape your attention travel across the house through the air, which eventually reaches your HVAC filter. Considering that they are bigger than common air contaminants, animal hair strands can max out the capacity of an air filter quickly.

3. You Like to Smoke Indoors

Improving indoor air quality is the indirect benefit of having an air filter. A highly rated one can remove the microbes (and also the foul smell) left behind by cigarette smoke from the air.

If you usually light up a cigarette inside the house, though, your HVAC’s filtration system will have to contend with more contaminants. As a consequence, it will merit replacement more often.

Upgrading to an air filter with the highest rating is not necessarily the solution to lessen your maintenance chore. Such a product may affect the airflow, which in turn may cause your air conditioner to run less efficiently.

4. You Ventilate Naturally

Relying on your windows alone to purify your indoor air can keep outdoor pollutants from coming in. Unlike heat and energy recovery ventilators that have filters, open windows allow dust, pollen, and other contaminants in. The dirtier your house is, the more stress the filter experiences to clean up the air.

5. You See Mold Growth

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No matter how new the air filter is, get a fresh one when it gets moldy. Otherwise, your HVAC system may spread the allergen throughout the house and make sensitive individuals sick.

Proper air filter maintenance is a small task with a considerable impact. Take it seriously, and your AC will thank you in return in the form of more efficient performance.

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