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Growing Roots: Finding Your Family a Place to Call Home

How do you know when the house you found is right for you and your family? Is it because it has enough rooms to accommodate your entire family while leaving a guest room for visitors? Or is it because it has a wide kitchen and an open floor plan? Does the house’s appearance matter that much or is it enough to have a roof over your head?

You might be asking yourself these questions and fail to answer even a single one. That’s because you’re looking at it from an important but unnecessary perspective.
Many factors can come to light when you go house-hunting, and it can be overwhelming to try to figure it out on your own. But if you narrow it down to only satisfy one goal: is this a house you can see your children growing up in? Then your choices should be lessened by a lot.

After you’re done narrowing down your options, you would have to weigh the pros and cons of living in an apartment in the city or buying a house in the suburbs. So to make it easier for you, here are a few common pros and cons of each option:

An Apartment in the City

If you choose to have an apartment in the city, you can better access public transportation and local shops. You won’t have to spend on gas because you can walk to and from destinations, ride a cab, or take the subway to where you need to go. You would also be closer to more schools and establishments, meaning your kids won’t have trouble commuting when they attend their classes.

Apartments also cost way less than owning a house, because it occupies only a small area in a building, unlike a house with its own lot. But a family living in an average-sized apartment might mean not enough space for everyone in the house. It can often feel cramped and suffocating, especially if all your kids are grown up and trying to live in such a small space.

Still, having an apartment can be a better option if you have no money to spend on a house, let alone buy one. Renting or leasing an apartment in the city can allow you to save up for a house or a condo for your family in the future.

A House in the Suburbs


If you choose to have a house in the suburbs, your family will have fresher air to breathe outside of the city. The suburbs are one of the best places to raise kids away from the busy hustle and bustle of the crowds, far from urban pollution and crime-infested streets. That’s not to say that the suburbs are completely safe, but it is safer than city life.

Owning a house and lot in the suburbs can also give you the freedom to customize your house however you want. If you want a big yard, a two-car garage, or a stone-paved patio, you can because it’s your house, and the only thing stopping you from doing so is your budget. But given enough time to save, you can do all the upgrades and renovations that you want to make your house feel like home.

You can’t do any of that in an apartment. You can’t even do any alterations to your apartment unless you buy it. The only thing you are free to do there is decorate it with easy to remove ornaments and decorations, unlike having the freedom to decorate your home.

But houses cost more money and effort from the get-go, all the more if you’re starting your home from scratch. There’s a lot of paperwork, mortgage talk, and budgeting that comes with being a homeowner. Plus, if you’re building your soon-to-be home from the ground up, there’s a lot of talking with contractors, designing, and budgeting once more.

And that’s also the beauty of being a homeowner because you can either find a home that’s right for you, or you can begin with a blank canvas and make it up as you see fit for your family. You’ll have to save money and spend wisely to achieve your family’s dream house.

At the end of the day, any place can be made into a home when it is filled with love and care for one another. You’ll have to make some tough decisions, but no matter what place you choose to live in, make it so it can be a safe space for your children to grow up in.

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