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Guide to Finding the Right House and Land

So, you’re ready to settle. You’re done with the wandering stage and you’re finally considering getting a home you could stay in for what probably would be a majority of your life. Choosing a home is never easy. You need all the knowledge you can get on this. Every tip counts and every decision is crucial.

And if you’ve decided that Truganina would be the place where you would buy a house and land to call home, this guide will help you make the decision.

Getting to Know Truganina

Truganina is a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria located within the cities of Melton and Wyndham. To its west lies the Skeleton-Waterholes Creek and as of the moment, Truganina is rapidly growing. Due to its interesting name, Truganina has had disputes on its pronunciation but the dispute ends there as it is a very peaceful piece of land with low-density development and affordable housing. Choosing a house in Truganina would be easier with the following tips:

Turnkey Package or Construct Your Own House

Like most responsible real estate agents, they would ask you firsthand whether you are only buying land or buying a turnkey package. Upon choosing just the land, you decide that you are in charge of the construction of the house. This means more responsibility for you, as there will be two contracts for you to deal with: one for the land mortgage and one for the construction loan. With the turnkey package, your house and land will be settled under a single fixed price. You only have to move in and settle.

Construction loans would consider the cost of buying materials and getting a home to actually be done. This would mean that additional money would be needed as you go along the construction of your house.

Choose the Right Property Type and Location

You know you want a piece of land and a house on it, but do you know exactly what you like? Do you want a condominium type, a flat, or a studio? These are questions you should be asking yourself. Be sure you know what you want.

As for the location, consider your work, family, and friends. As Truganina is still growing, always remember that you should map out the available transport, services, and shops. Natural geographic factors should also be considered. Geoscience Australia provides information regarding past floods to help you decide. The Bureau of Meteorology has maps to show areas that will most likely experience cyclones, so it is better to consult with them regarding the property you are about to purchase.

Not only that, it’s important to consider being in a friendly community when choosing a location. You will want to inhabit an area with people whom you could be good neighbors with.

Property Inspection

Never be lazy in checking out every potential property. Do a thorough tour and ask all the questions you want to get clarification on. Exert extra effort in figuring out details, such as the presence of mold, sagging ceilings, buckling walls, taps, plumbing, and others. Even after checking it yourself, get a qualified building inspector to make an assessment.

Learn About First Home Owner Grant   Family meeting real-estate agent to buy new home

If this is the first time that you are acquiring a property, there is a good chance that you are eligible to receive the First Home Owner Grant or the FHOG. This varies per state but is a national scheme. You would need to submit an application within 12 months of purchasing your new home.

Ultimately, you will get that new home but it is only through proper and thorough decision-making that you can acquire the ideal house and land in Truganina that you yearn for. Settling down will be worth it when you know you have made all the right decisions.

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