Hairstylist Starter Pack: Essential Tools to Start Your Career

Are you planning to open up your hairstyling salon? Here’s what you need to start your new career. Below we listed down the essential tools an aspiring hairstylist such as you should have in your kit. From hair clippers and scissors, brushes and combs to a professional hairstyling station and hair products, count on our list for the basic tools you will need.

Cutting tools

Hair clippers and scissors are tools that a hairstylist can’t go without. If you went to a hairdressing school, you’d know the various cutting tools and their intended functions. For example, the notches in thinning scissors let you remove thickness from the hair without cutting the length. Shaping razors are used to add layers to shape the hairstyle, while clippers are used to shave hair, and so on.

Brushes and combs

Just like hair clippers and scissors, you can’t style your client’s hair without brushes and combs. There are also different types of brushes and combs used in various hair cutting techniques. Brushes come in a round, square, paddle, smoothing, vent, wide-tooth, teasing, thermal, and regular shapes. Combs have a pitchfork, two-tail, rat-tail, tail-end, wide-toothed, and regular variations.

Professional hair products

Products such as smoothing serum, mousse, and hairspray maximize how long a hairstyle will hold up. There is a wide range of brands that keep the hairstyle in place that it’s easy to get overwhelmed with its sheer numbers. Try a few brands and determine what satisfies your needs and wants.

Hair curler, flat iron, and wands

All three hairstyling tools work wonder to transform plain, dull hair into a stunning one. A flat iron lets you do virtually any style you want, be it straightened hair or wavy curls. But if your client wants lasting curls, opt for a dedicated curling tool, namely a hair curler or a wand.


You can’t use your curlers, wands, and flat irons on a damp hair, so you’ll need something to dry it. This is where a hairdryer comes in handy. With the lightweight, powerful hairdryers, you don’t have to wait for hours to thoroughly dry your client’s hair. Plus, you can even use it in creating unique styles without flat irons.

Hairdresser chair

A hairdresser chair is made especially to provide comfort to your customers. There are tons of features a hairdresser chair can have, from the design, color, feature, and padding. But the most important feature is its ability to move up and down smoothly to suit the hairstylist’s needs.

Hairstyling station

Smiling client sitting in a hair salon while hairdresser is combing her hair

Of course, your salon wouldn’t be complete without hairstyling stations. There are available hairstyling stations that come with a mirror and enough storage to place your essential beauty tools. But if the budget is tight, you can opt for a small desk and install a large mirror to the wall.

These are only a few of the essential tools you should have in your kit. There are more to own like hair clips, rollers, gloves, mixing bowls, and so on, but the above tools are the basics that should get you started with your hairstyling career. Once you finished training, it’s time to shop for these tools and get your hairstyling business started.

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