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How Dentists Took On The Beauty Salon And Won

Cosmetic services at dentists have always been part of the course but were more common in higher and private institutions than your generic clinic. Even turn-of-the-century dentists had their inner city elite, making hand carved ivory teeth where the general populace had to make do with little more than a blacksmith.

This has changed and now, cosmetic treatments from a local dentist have now become standard practice. It not only involves things like tooth coloured bondings or the aesthetic principles applied to teeth but has gone beyond full facial aesthetics, using equipment like Botox and hyaluronic acid that are beyond the standard dental repertoire.

There is a surprising amount of overlap between the sort of work both in appearance and longevity that a dentist would apply to teeth which they can and do use for full facial work. A simple appreciation that flawless reconstruction also looks artificial and that deliberate asymmetries must be created in order to provide a natural looking finish. This is a big step over a beauty salon technician with little or no experience using lip fillers Kent, who may be using products enthusiastically and with the best intentions, but without the necessary anatomical training.

lip fillers operation

Why go to a dentist for lip fillers?

New opportunities have also opened up in the area of dental makeovers, but considering the interaction between somebody’s teeth and their face and how they come together to form an overall appearance, it is quite possible to undergo a smile makeover and conclude that your facial aesthetics no longer match up with your teeth.  Perhaps a newer, stainfree straightened smile just doesn’t seem to gel with your slightly older appearance. But by incorporating lip or facial plumping along with Botox treatments, it could be entirely possible to extend a full dental makeover into a full facial makeover as well aiming to reduce a patient’s appearance back to an earlier time period in their life.

Often dentures have been fabricated with the goal of matching teeth 10 or 20 years younger than the patient. Why should it be so strange for dentists to work on restructuring a patient’s face in order to match their new much younger looking dentures?  Corrections can easily be made to nasal folds, mandaric lines and any facial or neck features that are sagging through the use of botox injections. For lips, cheekbones and eyebrow lines, filling agents, usually hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers can be used to add volume.

These new techniques and tool kits have had time to mature in dental surgeries. As part of maintaining licences to practice dentistry in the UK, staff must undergo continued development and training to stay up-to-date with dental techniques but more so, this has given a route for staff to gain skills in aesthetics technology and their application. This, mixed with the added level of reassurance both retrospective in terms of allowing patients to lodge complaints with the General Dental Council in the event of any miss treatments or malpractice, makes facial aesthetics a better option at a dental clinic than at a spa. By having the treatments carried out in a clean well organised professional clinic, dentists are more and more finding themselves the centre of women’s beauty regimes rather than hairdressers or spas.

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