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How to Ease Anxiety Through Crafting

Dealing with anxiety is never a joke. It can be challenging to relax and feel at ease when you are always feeling anxious, which is why most people with anxiety try their best to combat it by distracting themselves with a couple of projects.

But there are ways that you can combat your anxiety that may seem unlikely. Why not try a few crafting projects? From using white chalk markers, drawing your favorite images, to knitting holiday-themed sweaters, doing something creative gives you focus and relieves you of the stress.

1. Get Some Coloring Books

If you think that coloring books are just for kids, then you are mistaken. There are lots of coloring books for adults that you can buy in the market, especially since its popularity has gone up in the past years.

Shading and coloring can most likely help with managing your stress and anxiety. It helps keep your mind off of unnecessary worries, leading to lesser stress levels. Coloring is not too taxing as well, which means that you can easily do it without overworking yourself.

2. Knit and Crochet

mom and daughter knittingAside from helping you combat your anxiety and stress, knitting and crocheting can also help exercise your hands and wrists, helping you get rid of arthritis and muscle pain. Learning how to knit and crochet isn’t as complicated as people think. If you have enough patience and time to do it, then you should try it out. You can even knit a couple of scarves or sweaters for your loved ones to give as a gift this Christmas.

3. Writing a Journal

One of the biggest stress-relievers is writing a journal. It would also be better if you and design the bullet journals too. Whether you are a creative person or not, you will find this little project enjoyable and cathartic. Besides, putting your thoughts on paper may help you identify the triggers that are causing your anxiety in the first place.

It’s pretty cheap, too. All you need is a journal and a few sharpies and you are good to go. If you want to design it further, then you can get a few washi tapes, some beads, and even some colored chalk or markers to spice up your journal’s contents.

4. Making Bath Bombs and Candles

What better way to relax than to take a warm bath and surround yourself with candles? To make the experience even better, you can try your hand at making some DIY bath bombs and scented candles.

This way, you can choose your preferred scent or mix your oils with your candles and bath bombs. It’s like killing two birds with one stone: you get to relax by creating customized bath bombs and candles recipes, while also using them during bath and yoga.

Crafting is not only for creative individuals. Everyone can try their hands at crafting, as long as they have the supplies. All you need is a good internet connection, some YouTube videos; a few articles online, and you can start your crafting journey to mitigate your anxiety.

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