How to ensure optimum healthy teeth

One of the hardest working organs in the human body is arguably the mouth with demands placed upon it from waking until last thing at night yet oftentimes it is only a trip to the Emergency dentist in Southgate when many get to see a dental professional. A Simplyhealth Professionals consumer health survey has revealed that one in five in the UK miss out on critical dental check-ups at their dentist. According to dental health bodies like the NHS, the only sure way to prevent seeing the dentist in times of emergency, is to have scheduled routine check-ups.

Routine dental appointments are important for two simple reasons. The first is that by identifying problems early on, they become less complicated to treat (and often less expensive too). The second is that the longer the patient leaves the condition untreated, the more likely it is the condition will progress to a state where it cannot be repaired.

Apart from dental appointment intervals as determined by a dental professional, there are many other things to do to protect the good health and function of teeth.

Basic behaviours that protect teeth

Don’t ignore dental problems

It happens far more frequently than dental professionals like – patients enduring painful symptoms in their teeth and gums in the hope that it will subside. Pain and discomfort is the result of some cause and it will reoccur (and progress) if not treated appropriately. If dental hygiene has been neglected, the dentist can treat underlying problems and talk the patient through the best way forward.

Look after enamel

Protecting against enamel wear requires one to make a few choices. The first is to refrain from using teeth as implements with which to open things. It can be tempting to tear open a packet with your teeth instead of reaching for a pair of scissors but this is to be avoided.

Enamel also comes under heavy attack from the sugar and acids that one eats and drinks so being careful about diet is good too. It is generally recommended that beverages like coffee and fruit juices are limited in consumption and if consumed, to be sipped through a straw so as to limit direct contact with teeth.

Sticky food substances also pose a risk to the health of teeth as they can be difficult to get off enamel. These substances that remain behind hasten the teeth-destroying process.

Overzealous in brushing

partners brushing their teeth

This might come as a surprise but there is a difference in the manner of brushing that one needs to be aware of. Too much pressure can pose a risk to enamel which is why when in doubt; the safe practice is to seek the advice of a professional dentist. Be sure to check that you are using the correct type of toothbrush and toothpaste for your teeth and gums as some brands are unsuitable.

Address any concerns about dental health or hygiene practices with a dentist. Patients can expect a full oral exam as well as being asked questions about their general health – all of which are important to conduct a complete oral health assessment.

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