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Invisible aligners; getting the most for your money

Investments in your own health are in some ways easy, and obviously a good idea with health and longevity having returns which are difficult to put a price tag on. But exactly how to get the most value and lowest impact on the rest of your life is not so simple.

At least in orthodontistry it’s becoming a little clearer with Invisalign cost, which can be broken down into monthly costs, it is difficult to see a downside. But this depends on where you go and here, this article really has a look at what the packages are, what comes with them and if there are any hidden costs in the monthly fee.


The Lite package has been created for the more subtle corrections associated with aesthetic improvement rather than clinical need. It consists of all of the essential aspects like scanning and pretreatment assessment. It can also be prescribed for teen patients too.

Bundled along in the package is incisor contouring and tooth whitening gel, complimenting the cosmetic nature of the treatment.


The comprehensive plan contains everything in the Lite package but significantly more aligners in the treatment schedule. Actually, it can have as many aligners as is required to complete the treatment, giving the comprehensive package the upper most limit when it comes to treatment times.

Within just 3 appointments

dentist and patient

What really reduces the overall costs of clear aligner treatment is the reduction in time spent in the clinic; it only requires three appointments to carry out months of orthodontic work. This creates a reduction in scheduling demand and can be particularly useful for adult patients, minimising disruption to their lives.

Dental Monitoring App

Just because the number of clinic visits is reduced does not mean that monitoring or communication is not important with your dentist. Staying in touch is one of the best ways to stay on track throughout treatment. The dental monitoring app that comes along with both packages allows photos to be taken and sent to the clinic as well as face-time like conversations with qualified professionals. This app is free and is available both on Google Play Store and the Apple app store.

Are retainers included?

Retainers are somewhat included in the cost of this treatment. They do come with additional costs, but these costs are reduced compared to standalone retainers. The treatment is guided by a high-fidelity simulation so achieving the promised results is always honoured if the treatment schedule has been followed. But if results have not been achieved additional refinement aligners can be added to the end of the treatment in order to gain the expected results. But there is an additional cost for this if the treatment schedule was not followed as instructed.

A couple of retainers may be chosen from; removable Vivera style or permanently fixed in place traditional bonded retainers. Both are used to prevent a complication associated with all the dentistry known as reversion. This is where teeth are tempted to move back into their original position as it is an additional treatment for a complication and is not included in the standard packages.

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