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Living the Van Life: Yay or Nay?

Sometimes, living in the same place for a long time can suck. Now that we are all stuck at home because of the pandemic, the idea of having a van life is very tempting. However, there are many things you have to consider before deciding to live in a van because this will change everything in your life. Let’s dive into it.

First, you have to know your why.

Why do you want to live in a van? The famous vlogger Jennelle Eliana with 2.47 million subscribers and whose first video hit 11 million views live in a van for personal reasons. She’s only 18 years old when she moved out of her dysfunctional family and started working full time and studying part-time. Since she has a packed schedule, she barely stays at her apartment, so she fancied the idea of living in a van instead of paying money on rent.

If you watch her vlogs, you can see that she is really into van life as she likes driving, great views of sunrise and sunset, and the idea of staying at one place and waking up in another. She is now 21 years old and has strong reasons why van life is ideal for her.

Do you have your “why’s” that are as strong as hers?


1. Flexibility and freedom

Living in a moving vehicle presents the flexibility to go anywhere you could drive compared to being bound in just one location when renting or living in a house. If you wake up one day having the itch to go to Vegas, yep, you can drive to Vegas. This is the freedom you cannot get from a traditional living setup.

2. You can travel with your home

If you are into backpacking or traveling, this can be a great option. Your home is literally on wheels, and you can bring everything with you wherever you go. You can have a different environment every day. You can gaze at scenic views while you sip tea or coffee within the comforts of your own home.

3. Budget-friendly

If you want to stick to a specific budget, you can. You can park in a national forest or other spots that you find to rest for the night.

4. You can practice minimalism

When you become a van lifer, the things you can always have in your van must be meticulously picked since you only have limited space. Everything that you have must serve a purpose to ease your life on the road.


1. Maintenance and repair

There will be times when your van may break or when it needs maintenance. So make sure that you have a go-to company for your diesel engine repair and maintenance.

2. Instability.

You will not be tied down to an address. Since you get to travel a lot, you always have to pick a location where you can park and stay. There are many unknowns when you move from place to place, so it will also be challenging to stick with a routine. You’ll also depend on the weather because it is not ideal for hitting the road when it’s raining hard.

3. Personal hygiene.

Unless you were able to get a spacious and portable model with a bathroom, you might find it harder to practice personal hygiene compared to when you live in an apartment or house. You got to have a portable toilet that you always have to clean and a water tank that you’ll always have to refill. Plus, if

4. Limited space

A van can have only about 40 to 140 square feet (13.01 m²). Of course, you can opt to go out in the open, but when you have unfavorable weather; and have to stay inside, limited space means limited movement.

Are you going to be a van lifer for the long term or only for a few months?

Living such an adventurous life can excite almost everyone but will your why be strong enough to see it through the challenges van life presents? The social media posts of having coffee, eating breakfast, reading a book while living in your van, and gazing at the amazing views seem tempting. But you have to recognize that tough times and discomfort go hand in hand with this lifestyle. So will you be a van lifer full time and for the long term, or you’ll just try it out for a few months? Think this through.

If you want to purchase a van and customize it to suit your road life, then go ahead and make that happen. Just make sure that you have all well-thought-out. Of all the pros and cons, one thing is certain, living in a van will be an adventure of a lifetime. Enjoy the ride!

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