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Moving to Where the Grass is Greener: Tips for the New Vegan

Gone are the days when vegans were on the fringe of society. People are now recognizing the impact of veganism on animal welfare and on healthy living, and are giving up animal products to live a sustainable life. Here are tips and to help you in your transition to the vegan life.

Take Your Time

Taking things slowly but surely is an effective way of making the switch to a vegan diet. Although some people find drastically changing their eating habits to be more effective, it is still best to ease yourself into it and let yourself get used to the new lifestyle.

With plenty of meat alternatives out there, paired with the rise of vegan restaurants, going meat and fish-free is easier than it used to be. There is even vegan food that looks and tastes exactly like meat but is actually free from animal products. Some vegan meal preparation services use plant-based products but style their food to look (and sometimes, even taste) like meat-based food like burgers, tacos and pasta. Plus, beyond taste and appearance, popular meat substitutes that include tofu, tempeh and lentil still provide protein and other healthful nutrients the body needs to maintain a balanced diet.

Get into Meal Planning

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In a fast-paced world full of hustling individuals with busy schedules, it can be difficult to maintain proper nutrition. The same goes for people who are just getting started with veganism.

Meal preparation is a practical way of keeping track of all the ingredients that go into your food. It is a good idea to plan ahead of a busy week to be able to balance and distribute the calories and nutrients you need. It’s helpful to allocate one day every week dedicated to preparing the meals and buying fresh ingredients.

If you’re a very busy individual and are unable to do meal preparation, there are meal planning services that deliver vegan meals daily.

Get Inspired

Meeting fellow vegans is very helpful, and can provide the boost you need, from fulfilling goals together to supporting each other during the transition. Eventually, you may even want to invite your non-vegan friends to try it out by hosting a dinner with vegan dishes. This way, you get to practice preparing new dishes and trying creative ways of using meat or fish substitutes.

Yet another way to discover new recipes and experiment with animal-free ingredients is by following vegan influencers online. You can subscribe to vegan blogs and social media pages, of which there is an abundance, nowadays. This way, as well, you can interact with the online vegan community, thereby expanding your connections with the people who share the same ideals and lifestyle as you.

The vegan community has a spectrum of people, from sports enthusiasts to celebrities, who passionately share their experiences and transformations.  These could all be a source of inspiration for those who are just getting into vegetarianism and veganism. A vegan endurance athlete, Rich Roll, attributes his fitness to his Plant Power Diet, saying it transformed him “from a middle-aged couch potato to Ultraman.”

You don’t need to change immediately and completely eliminate meat and fish from your diet. There is no deadline to veganism. With determination, healthy habits, and a focused mindset, you can gradually live the meat- and fish-free life you desire.

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