On the Road, On a Trip, On a Budget: Is It Possible?

One of the biggest misconceptions before is that you need to be independently wealthy to travel the world. That is not true, as attested by the younger generations. If you know how to book cheap flights and look for alternative accommodations, traveling can be affordable.

It is undeniable that people want to satisfy their wanderlust regardless of their age or stage in life. But most often, what holds us back is money. But there is a way you can travel without spending too much or dipping into your savings. Here are six savvy easy you could do travel on a budget.

Have a Travel Plan

Although spontaneous trips are wonderful, not all of us have the luxury of time and money for that. The first step in traveling cheap is coming up with your travel plan. It does not necessarily mean you need to create an hour-by-hour itinerary, but it would be great to at least have an estimate of how long you will be staying in one place before moving to the next, or going home.

It would be best if you had some idea about your destination. When traveling to another country, research its people, their customs, culture, and food. Doing so would save you from the unnecessary hassle that comes with traveling abroad.

Opt for off-Season Travel

Now that you have pinpointed a destination and you are ready to get soaked in the local culture, check on air flights. As we all know, airfare is usually the most expensive part of the trip. However, if you know what to look for and where to find them, you could get a cheap flight, or even free ones.

How expensive airfare can be is determined by supply and demand. When traveling on holidays, it is understandable that plane tickets would not be as cheap as you hope them to be. Although it can be less convenient, traveling during the off-season is the best way to save on travel expenses.

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Save on Transportation

Airfares are not the only ones eating out a lot of our travel money. Ground transportation is also another expense you should consider when traveling. Familiarize yourself with the local public transportation to save on money. Buses and trains are not only cheaper than taxis, but it is a great avenue for sightseeing.

If you are planning on staying in one place for an extended period, you may opt to rent or buy a preowned SUV. Not only is it perfect for off-road adventures, but a sports utility vehicle is also good for city drive. At the end of your trip, you could even get a decent value for your car by reselling it.

Look for Cheap Accommodation

When thinking about vacation, a lot of people (particularly the oldies), auto default on hotel and resort accommodation. But nowadays, gone are the cookie cutter hotel service experience. Alternative hotel options are becoming a thing.

Among the most popular hotel alternatives is Airbnb. Renting out a whole apartment on Airbnb is in fact 21 percent cheaper than booking a hotel room. Airbnb has more than 7 billion listings in 100,000 cities all over the world, with accommodation options ranging from a single room to an entire house.

Couch-surfing is another option for those who do not want to spend even a single cent on accommodation. This can be tricky though since you are likely to bunk with strangers. On the upside, however, this is a great way to meet new people and expand your network.

Eat Like a Local

Another tip to save on travel expenses is by eating where locals eat. Restaurants and cafés near famous tourist attractions are inevitably expensive. You could significantly save a lot by avoiding fancy restaurants and cafés. There are plenty of cheap lunches you could find in supermarkets and local food markets.

When finding a place to eat dinner, consider wandering around first rather than picking the first restaurant you see. You may even ask for advice from locals on the best place to eat in town. Also, if your hotel accommodation includes a buffet breakfast, store up on goodies that you could snack on.

Earn While Traveling

Who says you cannot make money while on vacation? The majority of millennials can attest that travel and work can go harmoniously together. Using your skills, you could afford to live your travel dream.

There are plenty of online jobs that allow you the flexibility to be anywhere in the world ━ as long as there is the internet. You may also consider offline freelance employment, such as teaching, dog walking, swim coaching, and many others. The opportunities are endless.

Now that you have read all these cheap travel tips, are you ready to book your next destination?

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